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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1115
 Do I Like My Best Friend Quiz?

You have to admit that there is someone who you think is really special. You cannot help but sometimes think, “Do I like my best friend?”rnIt could be simply because you cannot help but think of your best friend from time to time. Also, you may have felt a shift in your feelings for this person. You cannot help but wonder if what you are feeling is something that is more than friendship. Take this quiz to put all your speculations to rest.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is the reason you are taking this quiz?

A. You are just generally curious

B. Recently, you have started to feel differently towards your best friend.

C. My other friends have been urging me to see my best friend differently.

2. Do you often catch yourself staring at your best friend?

A. Sometimes

B. All the time

C. I don’t think so

3. Do you put their needs first to yours to make them happy?

A. Once in a while

B. Always

C. Never

4. Would you be jealous if your best friend got into a relationship?

A. Probably not

B. I think yes

C. I will be happy for them

5. Do you try to dress up for your best friend?

A. Sometimes

B. Yes

C. No

6. Have you ever dreamed about your future together?

A. Once in a while

B. Yes

C. No

7. How often do you communicate with your best friend?

A. Most days

B. All the time

C. It’s not like I am glued to them

8. Who initiates the conversation when you do communicate?

A. It can be my best friend or me

B. Me

C. My best friend

9. Do your other friends say anything about you two?

A. They do tease us sometimes.

B. They say that we can be perfect for each other.

C. They do not say anything at all.

10. What do you consider good about your best friend?

A. My best friend’s availability.

B. My best friend’s overall personality and how they interact with the rest of the people I love.

C. I am not sure.

11. Would you kiss your best friend if you could?

A. Maybe

B. Yes

C. Absolutely not!

12. Have you liked this person in the past?

A. There was a time when you thought you did, but you were mistaken.

B. Yes, but you never told anyone.

C. Not at all

13. What do you normally feel when you talk to your best friend?

A. This person is someone special.

B. You cannot help but feel butterflies when your best friend says something.

C. You wonder if the person can help you with something.

14. What is the first thing that you think about when it comes to your best friend?

A. You wonder if you can call your best friend about something.

B. You want to know what your best friend is doing and how you can help.

C. You think about the things that you need to do throughout the day. You did not think about your best friend at all.

15. Did your best friend ever tell you anything about their feelings?

A. Your best friend mentioned in passing that there is a chance that they will like you more than a friend some day.

B. Your best friend has already told you before that you are easy to fall in love with.

C. Your best friend talks to you about the person they date often.

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