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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 479
My Friend Like Me Quiz
The story is as old as time, first, you meet someone, then you become friends, and then somewhere along the way one or both of you develop feelings for each other and you aren’t sure how to react or what to do about it. Do you have a friend who you think might want to be more than friends with you? Or maybe it’s you who wants to be more than friends, but you don’t know if they feel the same. Find the answers you are looking for by taking this quiz!

Questions Excerpt

1. Are they making plans with you more frequently and longer in advance than usual?

A. Yes, it does seem that way

B. Sometimes, but nothing too crazy

C. No, it’s about the same as it always was

2. Does it seem the plans are more often just the two of you?

A. Yes, I have noticed that

B. Sometimes, but mostly it is with a group of friends

C. No, we rarely hang out just the two of us

3. Has there ever been an intimate encounter between the two of you?

A. There was and we said we wouldn’t talk about it again

B. Almost, but I think we both stopped it

C. Ew, no. That would be like kissing my sibling

4. Do you feel like they are more interested in other parts of your life outside of the normal friend talks?

A. Yes, they do seem to ask me more questions and are more interested in how my life is going or my opinions on things than normal

B. I think the interest is the same it’s always been, maybe a little more

C. They care what I think and about my opinions, but nothing more than any of my other friends

5. Are they very critical of people you show interest in or go on dates with?

A. Yes, all of the time!

B. Not really, but sometimes if they have a strong opinion or bad experience with them in the past

C. No, not really

6. Have there ever been comments made about being more than friends?

A. Yes, but in a joking way

B. Subtle comments I notice at times but then I’m not sure if they are serious

C. Not that I remember

7. Do you have feelings for them that are more than just friends?

A. I think I might

B. I never thought of them as more than a friend

C. I have in the past but didn’t act on them

8. Do you feel like they have feelings that are more than just friends?

A. I think they do

B. I’m not really sure

C. No, I don’t think so

9. Do they always seem to find ways to get closer to you or touch you?

A. They are very touchy-feely with me

B. Sometimes I notice that

C. Not usually, but there have been times I thought it was closer than normal

10. Do they always like everything you post on social media?

A. Yes, almost always

B. Most of the time, but so do all my friends

C. Not any more than I do with theirs. It doesn’t seem excessive

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