Do I have Separation Anxiety?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 119
Do I have Separation Anxiety?
Separation anxiety is something that’s commonly seen in children, but adults can have separation anxiety in their relationship. Worries and fears about their partner, or assuming the worst can occur if you’re away from your partner. If you do get diagnosed with separation anxiety disorder, you should seek professional help, but here you can discover whether it’s separation anxiety or just overreaction. So, go ahead and take this short quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you get depressed when they leave?

A. No, I usually feel fine

B. Yes, and I can’t do much without them

C. I don’t get depressed but  I need them to contact me always

2. Do you get anxiety attacks if there are minor changes with your partner’s schedule?

A. I don’t get anxiety attacks, but I definitely hate it

B. Yes, and I don’t like these changes

C. No, I am not the biggest fan of change, but I understand

3. Do you have trauma associated with partners not responding to you right away?

A. No, I understand they have their own lives

B. Yes, and it hurts me when I don’t get a response right away

C. No, but I do like responses really quickly

4. Do you hate being alone?

A. No, I usually find myself doing other things

B. Yes, and it makes me incredibly anxious

C. Yes, and I feel the need to talk to my partner when I’m alone

5. Do you have extreme jealousy?

A. Yes, and I feel anxious and not in control of it

B. No, jealousy sometimes occurs but never extreme

C. I do get jealous, but that’s allowed in a relationship, isn’t it?

6. Do you require a lot of attention from your partner?

A. Yes, and I get depressed and anxious when I don’t get enough

B. Yes, and I guess it’s normal!

C. No, I do like attention but also understand they’re their own person

7. Does being away and not knowing what your partner is doing cause focus issues?

A. Yes, and I need a text if he’s going to be busy

B. No, I usually focus on the task I have at hand

C. Yes, and it makes it physically impossible for me to do anything without them

8. Do you assume the worst if your partner doesn’t message back immediately?

A. Yes, I do

B. No, he’s got his own life

C. Not actually, but I like answers right away

9. Do you worry about your partner getting into accidents when you’re not around?

A. Yes, I worry they may be abducted or injured

B. Not all the time, but sometimes

C. No, I care about my partner but don’t worry

10. Do you have trouble sleeping when they’re not around?

A. Yes, I can’t sleep without them

B. No, but I like to be near them

C. Yes, and I want them to stay in bed with me

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