Do I Have Separation Anxiety With My Boyfriend Quiz

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Do I Have Separation Anxiety With My Boyfriend Quiz
Having separation anxiety from a boyfriend or partner can be awful but then anxiety within a relationship is quite common. It is quite natural that as we grow emotionally attached to the one we love, we feel kind of sad when they are away, especially if you’re used to being around them. Imagine someday, one of you had to leave the country for studies or other purposes, the fear or anxiety concerning separation can set in. And you might be forced to ask “Do I have separation anxiety with my boyfriend?”rnSeparation anxiety can be treated and this quiz can give you all the answers you’ve been searching for.

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you afraid that the separation will not end?

A. Yes, at times

B. Not in any way

C. I don’t know what the future holds

2. Do you find yourself regretting your relationship?

A. No, I don’t

B. Yes, I do

C. I’m not sure

3. Do you feel complete when he’s away?

A. Definitely

B. Not at all

C. Sometimes

4. Do you see yourself losing him if he’s far away?

A. Sadly I do

B. I can’t lose him at all

C. I'm not sure

5. Do you think the communication will remain the same if he’s away?

A. I’m positive we will keep up communication

B. I’m not sure if he will be willing to communicate

C. No, I doubt it

6. Is separation anxiety killing your relationship?

A. Yes, it is destroying my relationship

B. No, it is not

C. I’m not even sure

7. Do you feel he’s worth the wait if he’s far away?

A. Certainly

B. Never

C. Maybe

8. Can you cope with a long distance relationship while your boyfriend is out of town?

A. I will try but I’m not sure

B. Yes, I can cope

C. No, I cannot

9. Do you experience physical signs of distress such as headaches or physical pains when you’re not with your boyfriend?

A. Funnily enough, yes

B. No, never happened to me

C. I think I do, but maybe it’s my imagination

10. Do you have trust issues?

A. No, I trust my boyfriend

B. Yes, I don’t think my boyfriend is faithful

C. Sometimes, I consider the possibility of my boyfriend being unfaithful

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