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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 7922 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Do I Have an Alcoholic Husband Quiz
Sometimes it is hard to tell when you start dating someone if they have an issue with alcohol, and sometimes, they develop an alcohol issue over time for different reasons. Sometimes it’s hereditary, a coping mechanism for stress in their life, a way to stay social and relaxed, or a lifelong struggle they have not been able to overcome. How do you know if they just like to drink or if they are actually an alcoholic? Do they meet the criteria to be considered an alcoholic? Is it really as big of an issue and you perceive it to be, or are you overreacting? Wondering, “Is my husband an alcoholic?” Take this quiz to reveal the truth.

Questions Excerpt

1. When your husband drinks, does he ever drink more than originally intended or stay out longer than he planned?

A. Not that I notice

B. I am not sure

C. Yes, sometimes

D. Yes, every time

2. How many days per week would you say your husband drinks?

A. 1-2

B. 3-4

C. 5-6

D. Every day

3. Does alcohol ever cause issues in your relationship?

A. Sometimes, when he drinks, we get in arguments, but not always

B. It causes arguments sometimes because he would rather go out than stay home, and I am the opposite

C. Sometimes

D. Yes, frequently

4. Has alcohol ever caused your husband to become violent or aggressive with you or others?

A. No, not physically violent

B. Maybe a few bar fights but nothing major

C. Yes, sometimes it does

D. Yes, he becomes violent/aggressive frequently when he drinks

5. Has your husband stopped doing things he once enjoyed in order to drink?

A. No, he still does what he enjoys, but that typically involves alcohol

B. I am not sure

C. Sometimes he does

D. Yes, he has

6. Has your husband frequently experienced being sick from drinking too much either the night of drinking or the next day?

A. No, not frequently. That is rare

B. Not every time he drinks, but sometimes

C. Many times

D. Yes, almost every time

7. Does your husband mostly drink alone or socially?

A. Socially, he doesn’t drink alone

B. Mostly socially, but sometimes he’ll have a drink after work

C. A mixture of the two

D. Most of the time, he drinks alone

8. Has your husband’s tolerance for alcohol significantly increased?

A. No, it’s the same as always

B. I am not sure

C. It has increased, but I wouldn’t say significantly

D. Yes, definitely

9. Has your husband continued to drink, despite experiencing negative consequences of his drinking (i.e., relationship issues with friends/family/spouse, legal issues, issues at work, etc.)?

A. No, he hasn’t had any of those experiences

B. Sometimes, he will cut back

C. Yes, but they are minor issues, nothing detrimental

D. Yes

10. Has your husband ever tried to stop drinking and couldn’t do it?

A. Not that I know of, but he typically only drinks on weekends

B. No, he does cut back on his drinking sometimes

C. Yes

D. No, he has never tried to stop. He is completely in denial

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