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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 93 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Are You Really Ready For Divorce
Divorce is a very painful thing to go through especially when you’ve been in a marriage for so long and that you have children involved too. But sometimes there are just no other options. Sometimes, you just fall out of love through the years, you feel you are not happy anymore and you want to live your life instead of pleasing others. It could also be that you’ve gotten tired of being cheated on all the time and disrespected. So, what is your personal situation, and do you feel you are ready for divorce? If yes, take our quiz now.

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you still in love with your partner?

A. Yes, very much so

B. Yes, a little bit

C. Not so much

D. No, not anymore

2. Are you arguing all the time?

A. Yes.

B. At least once a week

C. Every now and then

D. Never!

3. Do you still live under the same roof?

A. Yes.

B. Your partner is away most of the time.

C. You used to

D. Not anymore

4. Do you still communicate with one another?

A. Yes, of course.

B. Only ehn you have things to say to each other

C. Every once in a while

D. No, not really.

5. Are you already seeing other people outside of the marriage?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. You've both thought of it.

D. You are both tempted tpo do so.

6. Are you still intimate with your partner?

A. It's been very rare

B. No, not anymore

C. Yes.

D. Sometimes

7. Do you still share your bed with your partner?

A. Yes.

B. When things go well.

C. Only when you two want to have sex with one another

D. No.

8. Do you still think about your partner in an affectionate manner?

A. No.

B. Sometimes

C. Only when you are regretful about how things have changed so far.

D. Yes, pretty much so.

9. Do you still call your partner to let them know your whereabouts?

A. Yes.

B. Yes, because you still care about one another

C. No.

D. No, none of you cares anymore

10. How long do you think you can still stay in that relationship?

A. A long time

B. A few more years

C. A few more weeks.

D. A few more days.

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