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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 14
Are You Ready to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level Quiz
It’s pretty tempting to want to just do the needful sometimes. You find yourself in love with someone you have certain things in common with and then the next logical step seems to be to just move in with the person forever. But you need to fully grasp the full scope of what marriage is all about before settling in, lest you risk ending up in situations that you may feel obligated to stick with without a proper understanding of what your relationship is all about. Talking things through with your partner seems like the ideal thing to do before making the final decision so you don’t end up in an unhappy place. Take this ‘Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level quiz’ to find out what’s exactly in your head:

Questions Excerpt

1. What does it mean to live with your partner?

A. At least someone to keep me company

B. It makes economic sense to live with someone

C. It’s part of a deeper commitment

2. What do you tend to do when you have a couple of problems?

A. Pray and hope things get better

B. I try and talk things through with them

C. I nip things in the bud. We’re pretty good

3. How do you react when your partner attempts to talk to you about the future?

A. I’d prefer not to talk about it and focus on the relationship

B. We don’t always have the same ideas on things. It could be pretty anxious

C. It’s a gradual process of conversation with each other

4. How do you feel when you spend time with your partner’s family?

A. I do but I’m judged and don’t feel belonged

B. They treat me like I’m not ideal for my partner

C. I feel comfortable with them

5. What does a deeper commitment mean to you?

A. An opened one but staying together

B. I’m with someone whom I can share the future with

C. A monogamous relationship that will last forever

6. Why do you want to make a deeper commitment with your partner?

A. Because I’m under duress by my partner to settle down

B. I believe we’re at the right stage to do so

C. My partner and I have talked extensively about it and we’ve agreed we’re at that stage

7. How do you react when your partner disagrees with you on family issues?

A. I feel like running away

B. I worry about my partner’s unhappiness and try to talk things through

C. I resolve it by having a sit down with my partner and talking through our differences

8. What’s your biggest fear about taking the next step?

A. That I may lose my freedom and get to be entangled

B. Worrying that we may eventually get bored of each other

C. We have no real fears because we believe that our relationship is a gradual process

9. What’s your biggest hope about taking things a step further?

A. That we may keep things as they are

B. That we may spend more time together

C. Being able to form a bond and continue as a team

10. What’s your idea about a couple of financial issues?

A. I prefer we keep things on an individual front

B. I believe we should spend money on the household in turns

C. It boils down to agreeing with your partner on a workable plan and solution

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