Quiz: Are You a Priority or a Convenience to Your Partner?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 33
Quiz: Are You a Priority or a Convenience to Your Partner?

Are you a priority or a convenience to your partner? If you have this question in mind then you are not alone. There are others out there dealing with the same question. Knowing your position in a relationship is essential to harmonize everyone’s mental health. 

Questions Excerpt

1. Is your partner ignoring you lately?

A. No

B. Yes

C. I can't say

2. Does your partner spend quality time with you?

A. Yes, they do

B. No, they don’t

C. They are somewhere in the middle

3. What does your partner do when you feel sick?

A. They take care of me

B. They distance themselves from me

C. They try their best to take care of me

4. Can you discuss your feelings with your partner?

A. Sometimes

B. We share a lot

C. Rarely

5. Do you suspect your partner of having an affair?

A. Yes, I do suspect them

B. I don’t think so

C. I can’t say

6. Do you still enjoy doing activities together?

A. Yes, we do

B. Not anymore

C. Sometimes

7. Does your partner seem as though their mind is elsewhere?

A. Yes, sometimes

B. Not more than usual

C. I don’t think so

8. Are they still interested in being physically intimate with you?

A. I don’t think so

B. Not really

C. Yes, they are

9. Do they treat you differently now than before?

A. Yes, sometimes

B. They still love me the same

C. I am not sure

10. Do you love them?

A. Yes, I do

B. I am not sure

C. I think so

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