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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 2288 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Are You In Love Or Forcing It?
There are two things when it comes to relationships, it is that you are either forcing the relationship or that you are simply in love. Whatever the reason pushing you to be one or the other, life can sometimes push us to be in very difficult situations leading us to go against our values and principles. So, which one are you? Are you forcing things or everything is natural? Try our quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What normally signals the end of a relationship for you?

A. You don't speak anymore.

B. You don't find time for each other anymore.

C. You don't have sex anymore.

D. You fall out of love.

2. How long was your longest relationship?

A. Six months.

B. A year.

C. Two years.

D. More than five years.

3. Can money motivate you to start a relationship with someone?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Of course, who wouldn't choose money?

D. No, because money can't buy love.

4. What attracted you the most to your partner?

A. His/her personality.

B. His/her money.

C. His/her charisma.

D. The attention he/she gives you.

5. What irritates you the most about your partner?

A. His/her cuckiness.

B. His/her intellectual side

C. His/her beauty that attracts people more to him/her than you

D. There's Nothing you can think of.

6. Have you ever cheated on your partner before, and why?

A. Yes, because he wasn't sexual most of the time.

B. Yes, because you'd broken up then.

C. No, because it's not your type.

D. No, because you are faithful till the end.

7. Have you ever been cheated on by your partner?

A. You suspect it but you are not sure.

B. Yes, several times.

C. Yes, but only once.

D. No, not that you know of.

8. When did you know he/she was the one for you?

A. The very first time you met him/her.

B. The second time you met him/her.

C. By the time you became intimate.

D. The time you almost lost him/her

9. How long does it take you to forgive your partner?

A. A long time.

B. A year.

C. An hour.

D. A week.

10. What was you biggest fight about with your partner?

A. Money.

B. Time spent together.

C. Some infidelity.

D. You can't remember, but it's normally over some 'dumb stuff'.

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