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10 Questions | Updated: Mar 29, 2023
 Are You Committed to Your Work Wife Quiz?

Do you talk about both work and your Monday night Netflix marathons with your work wife? Are you texting them on a Sunday morning ever-so-slightly annoyed that they're still asleep? Are there other colleagues who are just as close to you or is this person the only one? 

Are you ready to take this ‘Are you committed to your work wife’ quiz, and really get fun facts about your commitment to your work wife? Get ready as this will be awesome.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you see your work wife?

A. At least once a week

B. When we need to get something done at work

C. Every day

2. When was the last time you spent time with your work wife?

A. A few hours ago

B. A few days ago

C. A few weeks ago

3. How many times have you gone on vacation with your work wife?

A. At least ten times, but not more than fifteen

B. At least three times, but not more than five

C. Never

4. What activities do you like to do together?

A. I like to have coffee with my work wife and talk about our days

B. I like to go get drinks with them and talk about our weeks

C. I like to go on walks with them and talk about the future of our careers

5. What type of food do you prefer eating with your work wife?

A. I prefer to eat both healthy and junk foods with my work wife, because I like a balanced diet

B. I prefer eating junk food with my work wife, like burgers and fries

C. I prefer eating healthy food with my work wife, like salads and sandwiches

6. What type of music do you like listening to with your work wife?

A. Classical

B. Rap

C. Pop

7. Your work wife has a big presentation coming up in a few days, and she asks if you can help her prepare by reading over the slides together. Do you:

A. Say yes, but only if she pays for your drinks

B. Say yes, and pay for your own drinks

C. Say no because you have other plans

8. If your company were going on a retreat, would you take your work wife with you?

A. Yes, because it's always fun to get away from the office and hang out with people you don't see all day

B. Probably. But if my work wife just wasn't interested in going on a company retreat at all, I'd ask myself why not

C. I would not

9. Have you ever called in sick so that you could hang out with your work wife, and then felt guilty about it when you got back to the office?

A. Yes

B. I do not recall

C. No, never

10. Lastly, what are some of your guilty pleasures?

A. I'm addicted to Candy Crush

B. I'm obsessed with watching videos of kittens playing with yarn

C. I love to watch reality shows and read magazines, especially celebrity gossip and news

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