Am I Sabotaging My Relationship Quiz

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Am I Sabotaging My Relationship Quiz
Some of us have been blessed with great relationships, particularly marked with amazing partners. Some of us will acknowledge how lucky they are and will make everything possible to help the relationship work. Others, will voluntarily or involuntarily sabotage their relationships for selfish reasons or because they just can't help it. So, are you someone who doesn't take people for granted and give them back all the happiness they bring to your life or are you one of those who are toxic enough to turn a great partner into a victim? Take our quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What reminds you of how much you are lucky to have this special person into your life?

A. The way he/she treats you.

B. The way he/she looks at you.

C. His/her beauty.

D. His/her wealth.

2. What is a relationship to you?

A. One, where two people complete each other.

B. One where two people learn to coexist.

C. One where you share assets to make them grow.

D. You don't really know.

3. How do you think you often sabotage your relationship?

A. By talking too much.

B. By being disrespectful.

C. By being physical.

D. You don't sabotage your relationship.

4. How far would you go into this relationship?

A. Very far, you'll risk your life for it.

B. Forever.

C. You'll marry this person one day.

D. Not that far, you are already overwhelmed by it.

5. Who is the most toxic person to the relationship?

A. Your mother.

B. Your sibblings.

C. Your.

D. Maybe him.

6. Have you ever received an ultimatum from your partner because of your behavior?

A. Yes, more than often.

B. At least, once a month.

C. At least, once a year.

D. It never happened.

7. Have you introduced your lover to your close ones?

A. Yes, especially your mother.

B. No, no yet.

C. No, you cannot dare to

D. It will certainly never happen.

8. Do you listen to each other?

A. Sometimes.

B. All the times.

C. Only when it's important to your eyes.

D. Only when you feel like it.

9. Do you feel that you really need to be in a relationship right now?

A. Yes, why not?

B. Absolutely.

C. No, you think it was a mistake.

D. No, maybe being single is best for you.

10. Who wears the pants in the relationship?

A. Him.

B. No one.

C. You don't know

D. You.

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