Am I Depressed or Just Unhappy?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 435
Am I Depressed or Just Unhappy?
When does unhappiness become depression? Unhappiness is a normal part of life for everyone at any given time. Depression does not have to be. No matter if you are depressed or unhappy, seek mental health services in your area, whether from a community mental health center, a therapist, or telehealth. rnYou don’t have to deal with your sadness or your unhappiness alone. Sometimes things have to Read more make us unhappy, but we have some control over how we deal with it. Take this quiz to understand if you are depressed or just unhappy in life. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Did something happen recently that makes you especially sad?

A. Yes, I know exactly why I feel this way

B. Yeah, I think I know something about why I’m not doing great

C. No, I just feel awful

D. Not at all

2. Do you have energy to get up in the morning?

A. I jump right up

B. I always lie in bed for hours, just can’t seem to pull myself out

C. It’s a little harder than usual

D. Yeah, it’s been really hard to convince myself to face life lately

3. Are you eating normally?

A. I don’t find food appetizing at all

B. Yeah

C. Just a bit more ice cream than usual

D. I definitely have been eating less/more

4. Have you had thoughts of self-harm?

A. Quite a bit

B. Occasionally recently

C. No

D. Not at all

5. How are you sleeping?

A. Very well

B. Having a lot of trouble

C. Having a little trouble, but I get there

D. I’ve never not had trouble

6. Do you feel motivated or passionate about things you care about?

A. Very

B. I still care about them, but not sure how to do anything now

C. What things?

D. I feel like I have really lost interest, but I wish I hadn’t

7. Are you spending time with friends and/or family?

A. No, I can’t bring myself to see them

B. Why would they want to hang out with me

C. Yeah, actually with them now

D. Sometimes, but I’m not in the mood right now

8. How is your sex drive?

A. Non-existent

B. What it usually is

C. I mean I’m not ready to go now, but it’s definitely very present

D. It’s lower than usual

9. Are you taking pleasure in things you enjoy?

A. Very much so

B. I can’t even think of things I enjoy

C. It can be hard but I find a way

D. I feel a bit like I have lost that

10. Do you find yourself on the verge of tears but you don’t know why?

A. Well, I do, but I know why

B. I’m crying right now, feels pretty good

C. Yes

D. No not at all

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