Am I Dating a Sociopath Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 10257
Am I Dating a Sociopath Quiz
You may wonder if you're dating a sociopath. A sociopath is someone who is an antisocial personality that doesn't show empathy, lacks remorse, and tends to exploit relationships. This is something you should try to avoid. Here, we’ll help you figure out if you are and if it’s time for you to take action. So, take this quick quiz and find out now!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do they care about you?

A. Yeah, they show care

B. I notice they don’t really care about me

C. Sometimes I feel they do, other times not

2. Do they follow the relationship rules?

A. Yeah, they respect me

B. No, they break them and then when asked, they usually forget

C. Sometimes they break them, but they’re aware

3. Did they charm you over very easily?

A. Yeah, almost too easily

B. They did have charisma, but they’re genuine

C. No, they were just honest with me

4. Did they move fast in your relationship?

A. Yeah, they wanted to move in super fast

B. They did move a bit quicker, but not overly fast

C. No, we took it slow

5. Have you caught them lying?

A. Yeah, a lot

B. No, they’re honest with me

C. Sometimes I catch them in lies

6. When confronted, are they upfront with you?

A. Sometimes they are, but not all the time

B. No, they tend to lie until I call them out

C. Yeah, they’re upfront with me

7. Do they act arrogant and love to brag about themselves?

A. Yeah a lot

B. Sometimes they become braggarts

C. Nah, they’re usually just confident

8. Do they respect your accomplishments?

A. No I feel they talk over me

B. Yeah, they’re my best cheerleader

C. Sometimes they ignore it

9. Do they include you in activities?

A. No, they usually don’t remember me

B. Yeah, I'm always included

C. Sometimes they forget about me

10. If there’s something they need to change, do they change it?

A. Yeah, they’re quick to

B. No, they won’t

C. Sometimes they do change but not always

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