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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 186 | Updated: Mar 14, 2024
Am I Being Stalked by My Ex Quiz

Understanding the dynamics of personal relationships, especially after a breakup, is crucial for emotional well-being. If you're concerned about unwanted attention or behavior from an ex-partner and wonder if it crosses the line into stalking, this "Am I being stalked by my ex?" quiz can help you assess your situation. 

Go through the questions to evaluate your circumstances and gain insights on how to approach them.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often does your ex-partner attempt to contact you through phone calls, texts, or social media?

A. Several times a day without my encouragement

B. Occasionally, but only to discuss necessary matters

C. Rarely or never, we've ceased communication

2. Does your ex-partner show up at places you frequent without a plausible reason?

A. Yes, it happens regularly and feels intentional

B. Once or twice, but it seemed coincidental

C. No, they respect my personal space

3. Have you noticed any unusual online activities, such as new accounts following you or anonymous messages?

A. Yes, I've observed suspicious online behavior that I suspect is my ex

B. I've had a few odd instances, but nothing clearly linked to my ex

C. No, my online interactions have been normal

4. How does your ex-partner react to your requests for them to stop contacting or following you?

A. They ignore my requests and continue their behavior

B. They apologized and reduced their interactions but didn't completely stop

C. They respected my wishes and ceased all unwanted interactions

5. Do you feel safe and secure in your daily activities, or does the presence/thought of your ex-partner cause you anxiety?

A. I often feel anxious and uneasy, especially when alone

B. Occasionally, I feel uneasy, but it's manageable

C. I feel safe and secure; my ex-partner doesn't impact my daily comfort

6. Has your ex-partner ever used threats or intimidation tactics against you or people close to you?

A. Yes, and it's been quite distressing

B. There were veiled threats, but nothing overt or dangerous

C. No, they've never resorted to threats or intimidation

7. How do you handle any encounters or communications with your ex-partner?

A. I try to avoid them at all costs, but they find ways to confront me

B. Encounters are awkward but civil; I manage to maintain boundaries

C. We do not encounter or communicate with each other

8. Have you needed to alter your daily routines, online privacy settings, or social activities due to your ex-partner's behavior?

A. Yes, I've made significant changes to avoid their attention

B. I've made a few adjustments, but nothing too drastic

C. No, I haven't felt the need to change my habits or settings

9. Does your ex-partner attempt to gather information about you through mutual friends or acquaintances?

A. Yes, they frequently ask others about my activities and well-being

B. They've asked a couple of times but haven't persisted

C. No, they don't seek out information about me

10. How do you feel about your ex-partner's behavior in the future?

A. I'm concerned it will escalate or continue indefinitely

B. I'm hopeful that it will diminish over time, with occasional lapses

C. I believe it's over, and I don't anticipate future problems

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