Are You Stalking Your Crush Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 333
Are You Stalking Your Crush Quiz

Questions Excerpt

1. Do they know how you feel about them? Have you ever flirted with them?

A. I haven’t flirted but I think they know through my body language

B. They don’t. Yes, I occasionally flirt with them

C. I am not sure, I haven’t even started flirting

2. Have you ever physically stalked them?

A. No, I haven’t

B. Once or twice

C. Sadly, plenty of times

3. Do you know the names of your crush’s friends?

A. No, I don’t dig deep

B. Yes, I do

C. One or two maybe

4. Do you sexualize them often?

A. Sometimes

B. I do, pretty much every day

C. Not really

5. What do you like about them?

A. Their hair/body

B. They are shy/open like me

C. Their dressing sense

6. Do you sometimes write their name in your notebook or try to say it in your head?

A. I do it sometimes

B. I haven’t done that yet

C. Almost every second

7. Is there a song you keep listening to which reminds you of them?

A. I do, on repeat

B. I have a playlist dedicated to them

C. There are a few good songs that remind me of them

8. How will you feel if your crush says they don’t feel the way you do?

A. Crushed

B. Damaged

C. I will be ready for their rejection

9. Have you ever met this person or know them through someone?

A. No, their profile came as a suggestion to me, or I spotted them somewhere

B. Yes, through a mutual friend

C. No, we just met on a dating app

10. If you were to see them with their partner on a street, how would you react?

A. I would just hide and move away

B. I will probably pass a smile

C. I might just tell them that I like them

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