Things That Men Must Never Say to Their Wives….Ever

Things That Men Must Never Say to Their Wives….Ever

A woman was standing in front of a mirror. Looking at her slightly bulging belly, she said to her husband,”I have gained so much weight, I feel so low. Perhaps a compliment can make me feel better”. To this her husband responded,” Very well, you have excellent eyesight!”

That night the husband slept on the couch.

A lot of married men have to spend countless nights outside their bedroom in the couch. And then they wonder what made their wives turn calm to crazy in seconds!

Men find women very complicated and there is nothing much that can be done about that. It is impossible for men to understand what women think. But, at least they can follow some ground rules that can help them avoid fights with their wives.

Here are 7 things men must never say to their wives-

1. Never say yes when your wife asks you if she looks fat

Wife: Do I look fat?

Husband: No!

The answer is always NO!

Even if she has gained oodles of weight,

Even if she tells you to be honest,

Even if she tells you that she won’t get upset if you say yes,

Never admit she looks fat!

If she asks you this question, it means that she is feeling a little self conscious and you should try to boost her confidence and compliment her.

2. Never compare your mother’s and your wife’s culinary skills

Have you ever said anything like this to your wife, “Honey, you have baked amazing cookies, almost as good as my mother’s, or the lasagna is delicious, my mom’s recipe was only a tad bit better”? Big mistake! You might think that you are complimenting your wife, but instead you are making her mad.

She is your wife, not your mother. She neither wants to be your mother nor be compared to her. So, whenever she cooks something good (or not so good) for you, appreciate it and enjoy it, but don’t try to compare her to your mother.

3. Never tell your wife to “calm down”or that she is “overreacting”

When your wife is mad at you for forgetting something or doing something wrong, the worst thing that you can do is tell her to calm down or tell her that she is overreacting . She will not calm down, she will only get more angry. Just apologize and wait for the storm to pass!

Never tell your wife to “calm down”or that she is “overreacting”

4. Never admit that you find any female friend or colleague attractive

No matter how many years you have been married to your wife, never admit that you find your friend/ colleague/acquaintance attractive.You might think that your relationship is past the juvenile jealousy phase but that generally never happens (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). If you don’t want to deal with your wife’s passive aggression and silent treatment, it’s best if you don’t admit that you find any other woman attractive.

5. Never use this argument- “Is it that time of the month”

Men tend to use this phrase when they are having an argument with their partner. This is very insensitive to say and not to mention extremely sexist. Your wife is a sane human being and will not fight with you unless you have done something wrong.

6. Never say anything to your wife about nagging

There is no point in complaining about nagging. She nags only when you forget something or you do something wrong. And complaining about her nagging will not make her stop, it will only make her more angry. It’s is better to just accept your mistake and try to rectify it, so that she doesn’t have to nag you anymore.

7. Never mention anything about your past girlfriends

You must have talked about your exes in the beginning of your relationship. So the cat is out of the bag, but it’s better if you don’t fiddle with it anymore. Try not to speak about your past girlfriends to your wife. Talking about your ex will neither help her nor will it help you. You will only make her feel insecure and irritable by talking about your ex girlfriend/s.

If you avoid saying these 7 things, you will have lesser arguments with your wife and a more peaceful married life.

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