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    Going to Marry Her? Some Original Marriage Proposal Ideas

    Some Original Marriage Proposal Ideas

    You made the decision. You know that you are going to propose to the person of your dreams. All of a sudden, you realize that you are unsure what kind of proposal you want to make.  After all, you have never done this before! Just how are you supposed to know what to do? Fear not–we have some great ideas for you.

    You know that you’re only going to do this once in your lifetime and that you want it to be very very special. You just are unsure about how to do it. Here are some ideas to get you going. Take a look and see if any of these tried-and-true proposals sound appealing to you. You may want to combine parts of one with parts of another and come up with your own unique proposal. Let’s take a look at some genuine proposal ideas.

    1. Your girlfriend is a nature lover

    This is an easy one.  Which places does she like best?  Is she a bird watcher? How about a note in a pre-placed nest somewhere along a hiking trail?  What about a treasure hunt leading to that place with the beautiful view where you can get down on your knee and ask that all-important question.

    2. The traditional tried and true

    It may sound like a cliché, but there is nothing wrong with the big night out. A dinner at your favorite restaurant that you discovered as a couple, followed by reaching into your jacket pocket and pulling out that little box.  There’s a reason why this is a popular option—it appeals to most everybody.

    The traditional tried and true

    3. The romantic weekend away

    Three-day weekend coming up?  Even if you can only swing two, a place that is new to you both may prove to be the perfect destination for proposing. Your bride to be will always remember where and when you proposed if you choose to pop the question at a destination away from your usual stomping grounds.

    4. The grand gesture at a sporting venue

    By the time you want to propose, you should know your partner quite well.  Is she the type who would not shrink if her name appeared on the Jumbotron screen at a stadium or arena?  Would she think that this would be one of the greatest grand gestures of all time? If the answer is yes, then go for it!

    5. You both are foodies

    This is an easy one, but sometimes you need to have a cooperative restaurant to go along with your ideas.  If you both have a favorite Chinese restaurant, write “Will you marry me” and have somebody who works in the restaurant slip it into a fortune cookie.  She loves ice cream? The same message wrapped in plastic and slid between the top of the ice cream container and the ice cream, or perhaps a diamond ring serving as one of the “rocks” in Rocky Road ice cream–the only limit is your culinary imagination!  

    6. You both are homebodies

    It can be so nice to just stay home after a long and hectic work week or perhaps your jobs keep you both traveling and home is your sanctuary.  Whichever the case, you both feel very comfortable just being together at home. A proposal where you both feel at ease is a natural spot to pop the question.  Some ideas for the at-home proposal: tell your partner that you think it is time to check the smoke detectors’ batteries. Leave a note and/or ring inside. That way you’ll never forget the date of your engagement nor the date to change the batteries.

    7. The “birthday” party

    This is a great idea for bringing together family and friends to all act as witnesses for the wedding proposal, but your soon-to-be fiancé will think it is just her birthday party.  All the people that are meaningful in her life will be gathered together supposedly to celebrate her birthday, but also will be there to help celebrate this next stage of her life. You could have the engagement ring placed on the cake, or have “Will you marry me?” written in icing on the cake.

    8. Where you first met

    No matter how humdrum a locale (the bus stop, the produce section of your local supermarket or waiting at the Department of Motor Vehicles), you will always remember where you first laid eyes on each other, Why not choose that spot to memorialize that fateful moment?  Years from now, you will be able to look back at pictures of the very spot where your lives began to intertwine!

    Where you first met

    9. A place where you often frequent.  

    This one can come as a real surprise to your partner.  She would never expect a marriage proposal at one of your usual hangouts: the neighborhood bar or restaurant, or a mall you frequent. And like the place where you first met, over the coming years this place may physically change since businesses change hands and malls are now being transformed into schools and condos, but you will have photographs not only of your old hangouts from dating days but also of the location where the beginning of your life together was formalized.

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