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  • How to Deal With a Snoring Partner

    How to Deal With a Snoring Partner

    Sleeping next to a person who snores to glory every night can be extremely difficult. Braving lawn mower like sounds dusk to dawn after having a tiring day and going back to work next day is nothing less than a battle. Snoring seems like a trivial issue and couples hardly give any importance to this before getting married or moving together. But what they don’t consider is that it can potentially doom the non-snoring partner’s sleep regime! Having sleepless nights because of loud snoring sounds can make the non-snoring partners irritable and lethargic. It also makes them resent their snoring partner which eventually causes conflicts in a marriage.

    There are couples who have got divorced because of one partner’s acute snoring problem. In China a woman filed for divorce claiming that her husband’s snores were deafening and that she didn’t get a good night’s sleep since the day they got married. She said she had developed health problems because of that and had lost a good 16.5 pounds of weight. In the end, not only did she get divorced, she also received 5000 Yuan as compensation!

    Snoring problem cause conflicts and sometimes it can even lead to divorce.

    What should you do when your partner has a snoring problem?

    Many couples, as a solution for this problem, choose to sleep in separate bedrooms. Though it’s a good temporary fix but in the long run couples’ sex lives suffer due to this practice and they start losing intimacy in their marriage.  

    To solve the snoring problem the first thing to do is to identify the reason behind snoring. People snore when obstructions occur in their air flow passage. There can be many reasons behind occurrence of these obstructions, like throat tissues becoming heavier due to weight gain, muscle relaxation after drugs and alcohol, defective jawline or air passage, etc.

    How to Deal With a Snoring Partner

    Here are some ways to deal with your partner’s snoring problem:

    1. Special pillows

    People snore the loudest when they sleep on their backs. The first solution to combating your partner’s snoring problem is preventing them from sleeping on their backs. If they sleep on their sides they are unlikely to snore or at least they won’t snore as loud as they normally do.

    A special body pillow can be used to prevent your partner from sleeping on their back. They are comfortable yet they are effective.

    A neck pillow can also be effective for chronic snorers. It adjusts the head in a way that the air flow passage remains wide open when a person sleeps.

    2. Nasal spray or nasal strip

    Nasal strips and sprays unclogs the airflow passage and allows adequate amount of air to pass through the mouth and the nose into the lungs. These strips and sprays are affordable and are really effective for mild to moderate snorers.

    3. Avoid alcohol and drugs

    Consuming alcohol and other drugs has a relaxing effect on the muscles of the body. The throat muscles also tend to get relaxed and don’t remain as firm as they usually do. This somewhat constricts the nasal passage and therefore, sleeping after consuming these things often results in snoring.

    4. Lose weight

    Among all solutions this is probably the hardest! Getting your partner to lose weight can be extremely challenging. If you have a snoring wife, then this move is fraught with danger. You have to tell her that not only does she snore loudly, but she also has to lose weight! And if you have a snoring husband then this solution is almost impossible for you. There is nothing more difficult than getting your husband to go to the gym!

    5. Consult a doctor

    If nothing seems to reduce your partner’s snoring then, you should consult the doctor. Snoring can be caused by sleep apnea. Apnea is a serious medical condition that can lead to other severe health complications like hypertension, stroke and other cardiovascular problems. It requires proper medical treatment.

    Well if your partner’s anatomical condition is such that they can never get rid of their snoring habits, then you can try putting earplugs, or listen to white noise while sleeping. That might help ignore the snoring sounds. If your spouse snores way too loudly for all of those things to work, you can consider sleeping in different rooms. There is no point sleeping together in a room when one partner does not get to sleep.

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