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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 26 | Updated: Dec 27, 2022
 Does My Partner Have Sexual Aversion Disorder Quiz?

Sexual aversion disorder is a term used to define someone who may have lost interest in certain sexual activities but is still interested in intimacy. This could happen due to many reasons such as work-related stress, being at a crossroads in life, and family issues, to name a few. With time and patience, your partner will find it easier to express themselves sexually.

If the thought “Does my partner have sexual aversion disorder?” has kept you awake, then you have landed on the right quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you think your partner has started ignoring your sexual needs?

A. Yes, they have

B. No, they haven’t

C. I am not sure

2. Have you felt that your partner is making excuses to get out of having sex with you?

A. No, I haven't

B. Yes, I have

C. I often feel that

3. Is it always you who hints at having sex?

A. Yes, it is always me

B. Occasionally

C. I don’t think so

4. Do you think your partner is more stressed than you?

A. No, I don't

B. Yes, I do

C. I am not sure

5. Does your partner get intimate with you regularly or rarely?

A. Regularly

B. Rarely

C. It is almost negligible

6. Can you easily communicate your sexual desires to your partner?

A. Yes, I can

B. Sometimes when they are in the mood

C. Not really

7. Does your partner put an effort into fulfilling your sexual desires?

A. No, they don’t

B. Kind of

C. Yes, but not all the time

8. Do you dream of having sex with other people?

A. Yes, I do

B. No, I don't

C. Sometimes

9. Do you think your partner is attracted to you?

A. Yes, they are

B. I am not sure

C. I don't know

10. Is your partner ever sexually spontaneous with you?

A. Yes, sometimes

B. Not in a long term

C. They aren’t spontaneous

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