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  • 11 Winning Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

    11 Winning Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

    11 Winning Date Night Ideas for Married CouplesRelationships take work! They’re about commitment, and knowing each other, and sharing a life and responsibilities. But just because they’re not all about the spark, doesn’t mean you can’t let them fly every once in a while!

    Make each date night into a mini-adventure

    Keeping the spontaneity and fun in a relationship is key to keeping your relationship healthy and happy. Make each date night into a mini-adventure, and get to know each other in new circumstances.

    So skip the usual “Netflix and chill” for these eleven fun date ideas designed to keep that spark going.

    1. Go to an adventure parkGo to an adventure park

    Did you have a favorite carnival as a kid? Or maybe a local theme park? Look for one nearby! Fall or summer fairs are super romantic at night, and sweet nostalgia-fests during the day! Plus, adrenaline-pumping rides are great when you want to get close!

    2. Spend time in nature

    Nature walks and hiking are a great mood-booster when you’re alone. Spending time outside in sunlight encourages endorphins and keeps you healthy and happy. So double your outdoor fun with a great date! Pitch a tent, bring a kayak, or go on a mountain bike ride together. You’ll love the scenery, the scent of fresh air, and cuddling up under the stars!

    3. Take a class togetherTake a class together

    Have some fun! Couples who have hobbies in common last that much longer. So find something you both always wanted to do, and do it together! Learn a new language! Take a dance class!

    Learn to cook something new together. You’ll love growing and learning new things together. And as long as you’re having fun while you’re at it, it’s sure to bring you even closer together!

    4. Volunteer together

    Giving back to your community feels great, no matter how you choose to do it. Take a date with your favorite person, and spend it helping others.

    Volunteer at an animal shelter, and play with cute pets. Spend time at a soup kitchen, or sweat it out in a community garden. Volunteering helps you feel connected to a community. And it’s a great feeling to share that with someone you love. So roll up your sleeves together, and have some fun giving back.

    5. Try yoga

    Yoga can be done inside or out, depending on the weather or your mood. Hot yoga builds endorphins that keep you happy and healthy. And partner poses are a great way to bring your intimacy up to a whole new level!

    6. Spice it up with some competition

    If you and your partner are competitive by nature, taking part in sports or game night might be just the thing to spice things up! It’s a great way to deal with conflict or pent-up frustration. It’s also just plain fun!

    Take your love to a paintball tournament and burn off some of that aggressive energy getting messy together.

    7. Play tourist for a dayPlay tourist for a day

    Sometimes, the best stops are right in our hometown! Play tourist for a day, and make a list of places you want each other to see. Make it extra romantic by choosing places you spent your childhood memories, so you can really get the chance to know each other.

    Play scavenger hunt, and make a list of landmarks and street signs to check off. You might just discover places you’ve never seen, in your own hometown.

    8. Go on a culinary adventure

    Try cooking for each other! Cooking together is a great way to communicate. Food can be really romantic, whether you choose to cook a favorite meal or try something more adventurous.

    You can even make it a competition, and score each other’s favorite dishes! Have some fun and try something new together.

    9. Take a long walk togetherTake a long walk together

    A walk is a great date whether you’ve been together a while, or are just starting out. For a first date, it means you don’t have to sit across from each other and stare at each other while trying to make awkward conversation!

    If you’ve been together for a while, a walk is a great low-key way to get reconnected.

    You can have a lot of great conversations, whether you’re travelling streets so familiar you don’t have to think about them, or trecking wilderness on an adventurous hike, taking a nice walk together can be as intimate as snuggling up in front of a fireplace.

    10. Get creative

    Okay, sure, all great date ideas are about creativity. But in this case, I mean really creative.

    Take on a project. Paint a room, or build something together. They say taking on a renovation can really take a toll on a relationship. But I happen to believe that taking on smaller creative ventures together is great for a relationship. Who hasn’t wanted to recreate the pottery scene in ghost, or cover each other in the paint?

    You might find something you really love to do together, or you might just end up messy! Either way, it’s bound to be a lot of fun, and involve a lot of touching.

    11. Have a picnic in the park

    This is another romantic classic. Create your partner’s favorite meal. Or go for something really fun, and create something unique for yourselves, maybe the meal you had on your first date. Maybe you dream of traveling together?

    Cook meals from different parts of the world and goes on a culinary journey. Or make each other laugh by coming up with the weirdest flavor combinations you dare! Just make sure that it’s a kiss-friendly recipe, because with the right cozy setting, you’re sure to feel closer than ever before it’s time for dessert!

    Every good relationship hits a lull from time to time.

    But there are a lot of great ways to keep the spark in a relationship. Get creative, and find what suits you and your love the best. If you’re the outdoorsy type, try for a hike, or a new adventure on the road.

    If you’re more the at-home type, take up a new hobby, project or class together. Whatever you choose, spending time getting to know each other all over again is always an adventure!

    Dreamer and doer extraordinaire, Bibi is a partner of 1 and mom of 1, health & lifestyle blogger, amateur singer and ukulele fiddler. She loves books, DIY, cooking, working out and help businesses grow online. She also digs minimalism and mini-adventures and believes life is not about things, but about experiences and people. That’s why she is perpetually on the hunt for new opportunities to make people smile.
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