Relationship 101 for a Successful Relationship

Heart-to-heart-relationship-conversations-to-make-you-fall-in-love-over-againOwing to all the Disney movies we have spent our teen years watching, there is a certain idea around relationships which is not at all correct or in any way close to reality.

Through Disney movies, we have learned that love is all about the spontaneous need to dance, sing songs, and express our emotions. That it is all about rainbows and butterflies.

Where your significant other would surprise you with flowers and love notes and you would live your days dancing and frolicking.

Where one’s idol usually is of Hollywood background, the reality is completely different.

All of the above has absolutely no ounce of truth present to it. Relationships require work, understanding, compromise, and a whole lot of endurance.

At its core, every relationship should have 7 most basic priorities:

1. Self-loveBefore you can love someone else, you have to learn to love yourself

Before you can love someone else, you have to learn to love yourself.

Loving yourself and having an appreciation for your own self give you the opportunity to map out what you can and are willing to sacrifice and which acts or areas are a complete no-no for you.

People who do not think of themselves as someone worth fighting for are usually dependent on their partners and in most cases are taken for granted by them.

Loving your own self provides a person with a stronger capacity to love others.

They learn to set ground rules and work on the relationship without sacrificing their self-worth.

2. Trust

Trust is the most important step in any relationship.

There is absolutely no point of being in a relationship if you do not have an absolute trust on your significant other.

Life throws a number of different circumstances and experiences at you, and your partner and you acts as a team to work hard and face the battles together.

The absence of trust can result in the form of cracks in a relationship. Cracks, obviously, mean that the relationship is not strong enough to weather the storm.

3. HonestySecrets are no walk in the park and they essentially eat out a relationship

If there is anything that you would need from your significant other that would be honesty.

Secrets are no walk in the park and they essentially eat out a relationship.

No matter what sort of a relationship you have dreamt about, without honesty there is nothing to it. Be honest about your secrets, fears, doubt.

Do keep in mind that most arguments rarisefrom our own fear and pain which can be easily avoided if we are honest with each other.

4. Communication

Experts and the people at general agree that communication is an extremely important tool when it comes to healthy and long-term relationships.

One cannot hide life ato alterevents from their partners and expect everything to be cheery. Relationship means dependence on your partners, someone on whom you can rely on and take comfort with.

If there will be ca ommunication gap or bridges then you cannot feel the same amount of comfort and the bond will start to feel strenuous rather than a source of ease.

5. Commitment

A bit of a no-brainer actually.

No matter how honest you are or how much open communication the two of you have, if any one of you is just a tiny bit hesitant on the longevity of your relationship then this certainly is not a good sign.

To have a sound and stable relationship both parties included have to be on the same page and firm on your commitment.

You would have to commit, not only to the good parts but also the not so good parts. You will have to commit to the ups and downs of life, to the happiness and sadness, to the achievements and the failures. You would have to continuously learn, adapt, and grow together.

6. PrioritizeDo not wait for the perfect time, for the perfect moment. Take whatever moment and time you have and make it perfect.

Work is an essential part of one’s life. We cannot keep our career on hold for every little bump that comes along the way, however, your life and relationships require quality time as well. It is up to you how you prioritize your time and schedule the necessities.

Your home is your sacred place, your significant other is your person. At the end of the day, they are your priority as much as your career. A good relationship does not make excuses. They make time. They work hard. They work things out and work through the difficulties.

Do not wait for the perfect time, for the perfect moment. Take whatever moment and time you have and make it perfect.

7. Celebrate life

Learn to celebrate life and your relationship on the daily basis. Do not leave your love life to flourish to a specific dates. Plan dates, be spontaneous, and surprise your significant other. Make each and every moment precious and worthwhile.

Remember, time waits for no one. The above mentioned relationship tips can help you find your perfect partner. As we do not find perfect people, we make each other perfect.

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