Relationship Advice and Tips

Five Ways to Make Your Relationship Spiritual and Sacred

Involvement in spirituality and meditation will help you personally and will help you and your partner have more support, understanding, …

By Jeff Schneider

Counselor, LCSW| 2  min read

10 Misconceptions about Relationships

The blueprint that we use to navigate our relationships is made up of what we learned from our parents, the …

By Darylevuanie Johnson

Psychotherapist, LPC| 6  min read

4 Thoughtless Things to Avoid for a Great Marriage

Sometimes, by being thoughtless, couples can ruin a completely great relationship. Here are a few things I suggest you be …

By Jeff Schneider

Counselor, LCSW| 3  min read

Six Reasons Why Your Relationship May be Suffering

We’ve all known the struggle of being in a relationship and trying to make it work.  Many of us complain …

By Barbara Kapetanakes

Psychotherapist, PsyD.| 7  min read

Expert Advice for a Thriving Long Distance Relationship

It is no news that a lot of the times, long distance relationships are not expected to work. You might …

By Duane Osterlind

Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, CSAT| 3  min read

5 Characteristics of Happy Couples

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”  So begins Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel, …

By Gerald Schoenewolf

Psychoanalyst, Ph.D. | 4  min read

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