Set Your Children Up for Success: Parenting Secrets from Entrepreneurs

Set Your Children Up for Success Parenting Secrets from Entrepreneurs

Parenting is an adventure on which only the bravest among us embark upon. It is not a task to be taken lightly but can be such a blessing and joy to experience. Children have their own unique personalities, so parenting in a way that sets children up for success can be challenging. Even the most successful and prosperous parents struggle with how to pass those skills onto their children! Sometimes it is best to look at those who make a career out of building strengths and skills in others. Entrepreneurs, especially those who have children, will often talk about how important it is to instill values of positivity in children’s lives from day one. It’s never too late to start!

Practice goal setting

First and foremost in the list of secrets is practicing goal setting. While this may seem to be a no-brainer, an obvious answer to the question, this skill is not often taught to young children from birth. Never underestimate the power of teaching your children from a young age! From birth, children can be taught to create goals to reach. Whether it is taking first steps, staying at school for the first full day, finishing chores to earn a reward, or maintaining good grades, your son or daughter is capable of accomplishing even the highest of expectations.

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Surround yourself with positive support

There is as much power in words as there is in actions. Your children should know that a positive and successful mindset does not only come from within, but also from the constant support of those surrounding them. Friends, family, and significant others should be ones that maintain an attitude of gratefulness and adventure. Your son or daughter will likely learn this by paying attention to those people with whom you choose to spend your own time. Teach by example, in this case, rather than just with words. It is vital for your children to see that your success has come from within but might not be as joyful without the support and encouragement of those around you!

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Write it down

Dreams, desires, goals – none of it will make a dent in the conscious mind without writing it down! Our lives are busy and often overwhelmed with tasks and to-do lists. Rather than simply stating goals or dreams, practice writing these down with your children. Frequently ask them what it is they want out of school, chores, summer break, etc. As you write them down, encourage your child to write them down as well! Choose a notebook or special journal that is just for your son or daughter – they will thank you later when you have those memories to look back on later in life! Measuring success is made easier by writing it down.

Never be afraid to fail

It cannot be overstated that too many children are taught that failure is a negative event. Failure, for the entrepreneur, is a test of strength and the ability to persevere despite the loss. It is an event from which a child can learn several lessons. Failure does not mean the end of the road; it does not mean the loss of support from others; and it is a way to learn from mistakes and make the next attempt a possible success. Use punishment or negative consequences wisely when disciplining children as these could paint failure in a very negative light.

Dream big 

Lastly, no dream is ever too big. While not all of your child’s dreams will come true, it is never okay to limit them. They may need assistance in modifying them at times to create attainable goals, but dreams are meant to be outrageous and larger than life. Additionally, be careful when speaking of your own dreams and desires. Never speak in a way that limits your own! Again, dreams are meant to be big, to be written down, and reached for without hesitation. From dreams come possibilities, and every success comes from a possibility. Nothing is guaranteed, but with hard work, goal setting, and a little fearlessness, your child’s dream could become a reality.

Entrepreneurs do not necessarily have all of the answers. But their experience working within the world of dreams and possibilities breeds endless encouragement. Raising your children to be successful does not have to be hard (though it will likely be challenging at times!), but parent’s desire to see their children thrive and flourish will make the task a fruitful and thoroughly joyful experience!

Elizabeth McCormick is a Licensed Social Worker and mental health counselor at the University of Evansville. She has worked for several years with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families and has pursued continued education in the fields of suicide prevention and community awareness. She is an advocate for learning and has had the opportunity to teach college courses in the fields of Human Services, Sociology, and Communication Studies.

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