Christian Marriage: Preparation & Beyond

Christian Marriage: Preparation & Beyond

There are many resources for Christians ready to get married. Many churches offer counseling and christian marriage preparation courses for soon-to-be-weds at no-cost or for a nominal fee.  These bible-based courses will cover several topics that help prep each couple in the challenges and differences that occur in a relationship once those vows are said. Most of the topics covered are the same that secular couples have to deal with as well.


Here are some Christian marriage preparation tips:


1. Never allow earthly things to divide you

This is a lesson in impulse control. Temptations will come up for both parties. Do not allow material possessions, money, or other people to drive a wedge between the two of you. Through God, you both can remain strong and deny these temptations.


2. Never physically demonstrate anger

Ephesians 4:26 says “Do not let the sun go down while you are angry.” Don’t go to bed without solving your problem and never strike each other. The only touches expressed should have only love behind them. Find solutions to your conflicts before they take root in your mind and cause more problems later.


3. Pray together

Use your devotionals and prayer time to bond. By spending time speaking to God together you are taking in His strength and Spirit into your day and marriage. Read through the Bible together, discuss the passages, and use this time to become closer with each other and God.


4Take major decisions together

Life is full of tough decisions regarding children, finances, living arrangements, careers, etc. and a couple has to discuss and stay united when making them. One party cannot make a major decision without the other. There is no faster way to create distance in a relationship than making solo decisions. This is a betrayal of trust. Find compromises where you can, and pray about it when you can’t.


Being involved with each other and the church is what will keep a Christian couple strong.  A healthy marriage isn’t difficult to achieve, it just takes a little bit of effort. Keep God and each other in your respective hearts and you won’t stray from the life you are building together.