Catholic Marriage Preparation Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 726
Catholic Marriage Preparation Quiz

Being married means you need to be a good person because no bad people are allowed in the heaven's kingdom. If you're about to get married, you need to be a good Catholic. To find out if you have the quality to be a good Catholic married person, take this quiz:

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you plan children?

A. Yes, a lot.

B. If God gives.

C. Maybe just one.

D. No.

2. What would you do if things don't go as you planned in marriage?

A. I'll pray and try harder for the marriage to work.

B. I'll pray.

C. I'll seek help from friends.

D. I'll divorce.

3. Would you live with your partner without getting married?

A. No, marriage is a must.

B. Just if we're engaged.

C. Sure, as a trial version of marriage.

D. Yeah, why do you even need to get married?

4. What is the most important item in your home?

A. The TV set.

B. The phone.

C. The fridge.

D. The Bible.

5. Would you say you love your spouse?

A. Yes, very much.

B. Yeah, in a way.

C. Just a little.

D. Not really.

6. How often you go to church?

A. Every Sunday or more.

B. Almost every Sunday.

C. Sometimes.

D. I don't go to church.

7. What amazes you most in your partner?

A. Loyalty.

B. Character.

C. Strength.

D. Money.

8. What do you think about divorce?

A. It's not an option.

B. Only if there's nothing else to be done.

C. I'd do it if we both agree.

D. Divorce is normal, a lot of people end up divorcing.

9. What is your greatest quality?

A. Faith

B. Loyalty

C. Being smart

D. Money

10. What does sex mean to you?

A. It's God's way of having children.

B. Great way to have children and enjoy.

C. Sex is great, but with protection.

D. Perfect enjoyment for me, I'm just afraid of getting pregnant.

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