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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 887
Catholic Marriage Compatibility Test
Are you a Catholic person? Is your religion giving you strict guidelines regarding who you should date or marry? It is often common that religious people, and namely those who are adepts of the Catholic faith look for someone specific and most of all someone who recognizes Jesus Christ as their God and savior. So, how compatible do you think your partner is with regards to your religion? Take our quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you think your partner will be able to put all of their trust in God?

A. Yes

B. It is possible, but you are not sure

C. No

D. Probably not

2. Do you think your partner would agree to pray with you?

A. Yes

B. You are not sure about that

C. No

D. Maybe

3. Does your partner come from a Christian family?

A. No

B. Yes

C. You have no idea and you never even asked them

D. You are not sure

4. Do you believe the religion is getting on the way when it comes to the relationship?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes, because you really like this person a lot

C. Not really

D. No, not at allrn

5. Has your partner ever read the bible before?

A. Yes, you think so

B. Yes, you often read it together

C. Yes, and sometimes you read it together

D. No, not yet

6. Does your partner know the Pope’s role?

A. Yes, they know he is our ambassador on earth

B. Yes, kind of

C. No, you don't think so

D. No

7. Has your partner ever refused to go to church with you?

A. Sometimes

B. A couple of times

C. All the time

D. No, they are flexible and that’s very encouraging

8. Does your partner know where the Vatican is?

A. Yes, they know it's a city-state in Italy

B. Yes, they know it's where the pope lives

C. Yes, they know it is Catholic

D. No, and they don’t even seem to care

9. Does your partner know about the life of Jesus?

A. Yes, kind of

B. Yes, a lot

C. They don't know that much about the man

D. No, and they don't even want to try

10. Does your partner know what being a Christian is all about?

A. Yes, they do

B. Not really

C. No, but at least they ask questions

D. Yes

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