The Emotional Power of Forgiveness and Repentance in Marriage

Power of Forgiveness and Repentance in Marriage

Naturally, couples experience challenges because of upbringing from different family setup/ principles and diverse personalities. What constitutes a fulfilling or an unhappy marriage is the ability to repent and seek forgiveness in any wrong doing. It removes negative feelings responsible for resentment and bitterness.  The ability of the couple to accept their mistakes rather than play victims creates the atmosphere of forgiveness. Forgiveness is absolute; in fact, it allows you to develop the gift of patience and humility.

Prolonged bitterness dissolves a strong emotional bond between married couples leading to communication breakdown. The moment there is the lack of communication among couples; acceptance of responsibility and any attempt to repair the marriage is futile. The overall effect is anger projection and unresolved differences leading to divorce. Here are seven positive effects of forgiveness and repentance in the marriage institution

Heals the emotional spirit

Forgiveness is not a weakness but strength for the healing process. Its ability to alleviate negative thought attracts positivity. On the other hand, repentance allows you to accept your weakness with an aim of improvement with the support of your spouse. The fulfilling experience of the two restores you love for a blissful marriage.

Therapeutic to both partners

Forgiveness and repentance provide a platform for sincerity in solving a problem. There is no uncertainty of unresolved differences allowing couples to move forward rather than stick to their disagreements.

Releases anger

The moment there is the lack of forgiveness in marriage, the sight of your partner creates hostility. In reciprocation, the other spouse develops a sense of defense mechanism to avoid confrontation. It sweeps the misunderstandings under the carpet. Have you solved the problem? With forgiveness you speak out your mind, your partner takes responsibility and promises to change. What a relief for a fruitful marriage. In as much you cannot forget depending on the level of the hurt feelings, it does not occupy your sub conscious mind to generate anger.

Promotes a peaceful environment in marriage relationship

Peace is an element of marriage satisfaction; it means, despite the challenges, you can afford a smile and laugh. Don’t mistake silence for peace, you can be silent with feelings of anger. To reach the point of forgiveness and repentance, it shows your maturity in handling issues without fear, but with respect and love. Forgiveness promotes a clean heart free of hate with the ability to control emotions for a peaceful coexistence with your partner.

Encourages honesty and sincerity

You ask for forgiveness when you are ready to face the tough questions; you are also willing to forgive and let go of anger and resentment because you are eager to question your spouse with humility to avoid a repeat of the mistake. At this level, all parties become honest and sincere with one another to put everything into perspective without fear of judgment. To pardon each other opens your communication channel- a key parameter for a successful marriage.

Ignites positive action

You managed to get your partner’ deep secret; as you wait for the best opportunity to talk it out, your partner calls you for a coffee date to explain, yet he/ she has no idea of your awareness. How do you feel? Automatically, the anger subsides, giving room for a mature and positive talk. The act of acceptance of a wrong deed activates your positive mind to offer support to alleviate the weakness once and for all. Remember, it is not the time to blame your spouse or throw tantrums despite the severity of the situation.

Defines your next cause of action

Yes, after deliberations on your situation; probably your spouse took the action because of your defiant behavior. Forgiveness creates room to forge ahead with the inclusion of the feelings of both parties. Marriage experts reaffirm that forgiveness is a step to marriage restoration. It allows couples to openly communicate as well as share their inner feelings vital for the marriage institution with an aim to chat the way forward to live ever after.

The act to pardon and repent is a two-way traffic. As you ask for forgiveness, you partner must have the goodwill to excuse you – that is the completion of the process. The continuation of your blissful marriage relies on your ability to focus on the bigger goal “for better for worse” through constant communication, forgiveness, repentance, and willingness to let go of your past with no blame of judgment. Forgiveness is unconditional and unlimited on the frequency, in fact, it is an inner intuition.