5 Clear Signs You’re Headed For Divorce

Here are 5 clear signs to help you recognize if you are on the road to divorce.

Experiencing marital discord? Here are 5 clear signs to help you recognize if you are on the road to divorce. Do not overlook these red flags that are indicative of your marriage breathing its last. Take the judgment call if you want to seek counseling or call it quits.

Here are the 5 warning signs

1.Lack of gratitude

You’ve forgotten to appreciate one another. When a couple loses appreciation: the thank you’s, the small acts of kindness to please the other person, this type of behavior is indicative that the heart of the relationship is slipping away. There is no faster way to erode a couples bond and drive a wedge in the relationship than failure to show gratitude.

2.Failure to emotionally regulate during times of disagreement

There is such a thing as fighting fair. When couples hit below the belt it’s not only a symptom of the relationship unravelling, but it’s also indicative of the bigger problem: The loss of respect. Without respect, there can be no relationship. It can be tempting to win an argument, but not at the cost of the other person’s feelings. There are some things that just can’t be undone or unsaid, or unseen.

 When couples hit below the belt it's indicative of the loss of respect

3.Lack of effort

When a couple just stops trying in a relationship, it’s a huge red flag and trouble is just around the corner. He doesn’t plan romantic getaways like he used to. She doesn’t make it a point to plan his favorite meals like she used to. When both parties stop caring it’s a short walk to resentment, and splitsville is just around the corner.

When a couple just stops trying in a relationship, it’s a huge red flag

4.No one takes accountability

Accountability is having an honest conversation with yourself first and then your partner. It’s taking ownership of your flaws, your failures, and your shortcomings. When neither party in a relationship can take ownership, it leads to finger pointing, defensiveness, hypercriticism, and ultimately chaos. Lack of accountability means that there is an inability of the relationship to move forward. It’s like a ship dropping anchor in the middle of the ocean, unable to progress any further.

5.Infidelity – the ultimate deal killer

You could have probably guessed this one. When either party seeks to go outside of the relationship for emotional support, sexual intimacy etc. it can be the undoing of the relationship.This is because trust is very difficult to restore, and once a partner is unfaithful they are statistically more likely to be unfaithful in the future. So think twice before going outside of the relationship for intimacy. If you need help with intimacy, it’s best to seek counseling before it’s too late.

Nadiyah Herron
Relationship/Dating Coach, M.A.
Nadiyah is the author of The Smart Woman’s Guide To Dating And Relationships. Nadiyah is a relationship expert, motivational speaker, author and tv host. Nadiyah believes that relationships are the foundation of strong families and communities, and it is essential to learn to navigate those relationships with principles rooted in the word of God. Nadiyah maintains a Master’s degree in Strategic Communications, a minor in Sociology, a Bachelor’s in English, and attended Pepperdine University and the University of California Riverside. These two degrees, her faith, life experience, and nearly a decade of marriage, have provided her with a strong foundation and practical insight in interpersonal communications and relationships. Further professional training through the American Psychotherapy Association as a board Certified Relationship Specialist® has allowed Nadiyah to bring a multidimensional approach to her work.

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