Will Your Relationship Last Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 3540
 Will Your Relationship Last Quiz?

If you're in a relationship, you've probably wondered about its future. Whether you're a hopeful romantic or just curious, you might want to find out the odds with this fun quiz – it's like peering into a crystal ball for your love life!
Delve into fun questions of the 'Will your relationship last?' quiz that might just reveal how strong your connection is. Let's add a touch of excitement to your journey of love and uncover the mystery together.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you are not in the same city, how do you guys talk?

A. Phone calls, video calls, messages

B. Phone calls only

C. Messages only

D. Just wait until he/she comes back

2. Are you happy in this relationship?

A. Very much

B. Just satisfied

C. Neither happy nor sad

D. Not happy

3. Do your friends and family support your relationship?

A. Very supportive

B. Somewhat supportive

C. Not much supportive

D. Strongly against

4. Do you really love him/her?

A. Yes

B. I think so

C. Maybe

D. Not so much

5. What's your favorite way to spend time together?

A. Adventurous outings

B. Cozy nights in

C. Just doing our own thing

D. Rarely spend time together

6. How do you handle disagreements?

A. We talk calmly and find solutions

B. We give each other space, then talk

C. We argue a lot but makeup later

D. We rarely resolve our issues

7. How's the trust level between you two?

A. We trust each other completely

B. We mostly trust, but sometimes doubt

C. Trust has been shaken a few times

D. We don't trust each other much

8. How do you handle achievements or success?

A. We celebrate each other's victories

B. We're happy for each other but also a bit competitive

C. We don't really discuss it much

D. We tend to belittle each other's accomplishments

9. How often do you communicate your feelings?

A. All the time; we're open books

B. Quite often, but not always

C. Rarely, we're not very expressive

D. Hardly ever; it's like we're distant

10. How often do you meet him/her?

A. Every day

B. Every few days

C. Every week

D. Occasionally

11. Do�you act like yourself around him/her?

A. Yes! Always

B. Mostly

C. Somewhat

D. Not really

12. Do you enjoy spending time with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

A. That time is most amazing

B. Yes, it's mostly enjoyable

C. Not much enjoyable

D. I don't really like spending time with them

13. How old are you?

A. 17

B. 18

C. 19

D. 20+

14. How often do you fight?

A. Hardly

B. Sometimes

C. Every few days

D. All the time

15. How long have you been together?

A. Over a year

B. Few months

C. Few weeks

D. Few days

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