Will You Ever Date Your Crush Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 912 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Will You Ever Date Your Crush Quiz
Do you have a crush on someone but are not sure if they like you back? Do their actions seem to be sending you mixed signals? Has it been a while since you started liking them and don't know what to do if they have no idea you even exist?!rnWell, there may be an answer to your problems right here. Most people have crushes on other people at one time but never take the time to pursue them. This is where this quiz comes in. Will you ever date your crush? Let's find out by listening to this quiz!

Questions Excerpt

1. How do your friends feel about you dating your crush?

A. They think we would be great together.

B. They do not care!

C. I don't know.

2. If you ever are homesick, they say…

A. "If you need anything, just call me."

B. ‘’They don't even notice that I am not present.’’

C. 'Hey, where were you?''

3. How often do they ask you about yourself?

A. They don’t.

B. A couple of times every day.

C. Every single time they can.

4. How do you usually act around your crush?

A. I try to act like I'm not too interested, not show how much interest I have.

B. I try to be nice and funny so that they notice me.

C. I try to be myself even though I'm a little nervous.

5. What's your approach to romance?

A. I like to play hard to get.

B. A necessary thing.

C. As a first step, I like to form a friendship first.

6. Would you ever date someone you met solely through a dating app?

A. Yes, why not?

B. I’m not sure.

C. No, it’s impossible for me.

7. Where would be your ideal first date with your crush?

A. A movie after dinner.

B. Hanging out at one of our houses.

C. Going for a hike.

8. How long have you two been in contact?

A. 2+ years.

B. 1-2 years.

C. They don’t know who I am yet.

9. What physical attribute of someone do you find most appealing?

A. Height.

B. Hair.

C. Style.

10. If you were asked to marry your crush today, what would you say?

A. Of course!

B. Never, ever!

C. Maybe when we’re older!

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