Quiz: Will He Be a Good Husband?

10 Questions
Quiz: Will He Be a Good Husband?

Dating a guy and getting married to him is a different ball game altogether. While you might be deeply in love with the person, it is crucial to assess if he would make a good husband too.

If you are finding it tough to analyze it all by yourself,  we have brought you an interesting “Will He Be a Good Husband” quiz to expedite the process. Taking this quiz can help you assess your compatibility with your man and the prospects of a happy and successful marriage in the future.

So, without delaying further, let’s dive straight into the quiz questions and unravel what the future has in store for you. Good luck!

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he truly make you happy?

A. Yes of course!

B. I think yes

C. Not always

D. I am not sure

2. Can you be yourself when you are with him?

A. Yes, I am most vulnerable with him

B. I believe so

C. I feel like walking on eggshells

D. Can’t say

3. Does the guy support your desires and ambitions?

A. No

B. Mostly

C. Always

D. Can't say

4. How good is your sexual intimacy?

A. It sucks!

B. Can’t say

C. It is healthy

D. I guess it is good

5. Is your relationship just about sex or there’s more to it?

A. Just about sex!

B. I am not sure

C. There’s a lot more to our relationship!

D. It’s obviously about sex but other things as well

6. Does he respect your feelings and emotions?

A. Yes, he does

B. I believe he does

C. Not at all

D. Can’t say

7. How often do you fight with each other?

A. Not sure about the frequency

B. We fight a lot!

C. We fight, but they are normal

D. We rarely fight, they are mostly minor arguments


8. Has he introduced you to his friends and family?

A. Yes

B. I have met some of them

C. Not yet

D. He avoids introducing me to them

9. Does he involve you in crucial decisions that are likely to impact you as a couple?

A. Yes

B. For the most part

C. Not at all

D. Sometimes he does

10. Does he happily discuss the future with you?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. Rarely

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