Who is your supernatural husband quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 84
Who is your supernatural husband quiz
Supernatural is a famous American TV series released in 2005. If you have watched the series or just heard about it, then you may know about some of its fantastic characters. All the characters are broken in one way or another, but they fight through their circumstances to survive. They all have a unique sense of reality and their perspectives and experiences drive them forward. The characters of this series, just like us in everyday life, are burdened with immense responsibilities towards others and self. The characters chosen for this quiz are strong-willed and able men, who can surely make great husbands, irrespective of their sexualities. Take the quiz to find out who is your supernatural husband.

Questions Excerpt

1. What are your thoughts on abstract thinking? For example, do you see reality at its face value, or do you like going into the depths of the social fabric?

A. I think the reality is what we see, and abstract is excellent for paintings

B. I think that’s how I think

C. I just like taking it easy

D. I like finding my own social cloud

2. Do you want your husband to have abs or are you okay with a good lean body? 

A. I like lean bodies

B. I love great biceps as well as abs

C. Abs and intelligence

D. I want a muscular man

3. What is it that you want your man to have as a quality?

A. I want him to be intensely loyal

B. I want him to be empathetic

C. I want him to think out of the box

D. I want him to be with me and share a great bond

4. Are you a good listener or a good speaker?

A. I am a good listener

B. A blend of both

C. I think I am a better speaker than a listener

D. I like listening but I filter out things I don’t want to hear

5. Are you looking for a husband who would act as your savior, provider, or more like a best friend?

A. I think I want my husband to be a good friend

B. I am independent, but I don’t mind sometimes being saved from all the negativities

C. I want him to be emotionally available and share my load in finances

D. I think I would rather have them as an equal partnerrn 

6. What are the great qualities of a leader?

A. Empathy, intelligence, and firmness

B. Kindness, sympathy, and loyalty

C. Flexibility, punctuality, and good observational skills

D. Great communication, charm, and sympathy

7. Do you want babies with your husband?

A. No, I do not

B. I haven’t decided yet

C. I think that is a given

D. Yes, I do

8. What do you want to do on a romantic date with your husband?

A. I just want to have a great time

B. I just want us to be smiling and eating what we love

C. I want us to do something grand

D. I just want to be in a cozy place with him

9. Do you wish for your husband to be social? 

A. I don’t want to be with an introvert        

B. I want them to be reasonably social

C. I just want them to be comfortable

D. I would appreciate some social interaction

10. What kind of men do you usually date?

A. Self-made men 

B. Attractive

C. Balanced

D. Strong survival instincts

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