Who Is Your Sexy Valentine's Date?

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8 Questions | Total Attempts: 58 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Who Is Your Sexy Valentine's Date?
The day of the hearts will never be an exciting occasion without a date. It is a very amazing experience to have a special someone during this event with whom you can talk, smile and in the end share sweet kisses. If you want to know who will be your sexy Valentine’s date, simply take this quiz to see the revelation.

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you presently in-love?

A. Yes but it's my best friend.

B. 3 years in a smooth sailing relationship.

C. With God and my parents.

D. Nope and never.

2. What would you wear this Valentine’s day?

A. Something casual and presentable.

B. I think my new sexy dress so my date would be freaking out.

C. Any comfortable clean clothes.

D. My date is an emo chick. So I think one fine black shirt with Panthera on print.

3. Is your Valentine date a girl or a boy?

A. It's a boy of course.

B. Both gender is okay because I am bisexual.

C. I am expecting a super lovely girl.

D. I don't wanna date anyone ever.

4. Do you already have a date this Valentine’s?

A. No. I don't know yet.

B. I already have.

C. Group date with friends.

D. It would be a surprise.

5. What do you want for a Valentine’s gift?

A. I want a human size bear.

B. A rose is fine with me.

C. Customized bracelet with our names on it.

D. I am not choosy.

6. What turns you on?

A. Nice curves.

B. It's the eyes. Oh God! I love sparkling eyes.

C. I am into attitude really.

D. A fit body.

7. Do you prefer long hair or short hair?

A. Long healthy hair because it means that they're clean.

B. Any style as long as it doesn't look like a prehistoric dinoman.

C. I love short hair because it looks sassy and classy.

D. I am not particular with hairstyle.

8. Which age do you want to date, younger or older than you?

A. A little bit older than me.

B. I'd like that we have the same age.

C. Well, I would prefer someone younger than me.

D. Any age will do as long as they can walk and talk.

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