Which Wedding Vows Represent Me And The Love Of My Life Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 69 | Updated: Mar 28, 2023
 Which Wedding Vows Represent Me And The Love Of My Life Quiz?

Each couple has its own personality and what works for some people may not be suitable for others. Things are just the same with wedding vows – some promise eternal love in front of attendees while others like to surprise the audience with their sense of humor. What kind of wedding vows represent you and your partner? Take this quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What would be your perfect pickup line for your partner?

A. A quirky dialogue from my favorite rom-com

B. An intense poem from my favorite poet

C. Just pouring my heart out to them

D. A love quote from my favorite book

2. How do you plan your wedding outfit to look?

A. Comfortable and classy

B. I’d like to give my own touch to the outfit

C. Really elegant and attractive

D. A typical wedding outfit

3. How do you plan to walk down the aisle?

A. Dancing to my favorite song

B. With an orchestra playing just in front of me

C. Holding hands with my family and close friends

D. A modest entry with wedding songs playing in the background

4. What kind of flowers do you prefer on your wedding day?

A. Bright gerberas or lilies

B. A mix of seasonal bloom

C. Lots of roses

D. Succulents and greenery

5. How was your life situation when you two met?

A. I was single and partying

B. I was involved with someone else

C. I was waiting for true love to come

D. I was at the right place and at the right time

6. What kind of values is important to you?

A. Fun and living the moment

B. Being my best version

C. Being in a loving relationship

D. Religious values

7. In what way does your partner complete you?

A. They share my spontaneity and passion for life

B. They help me if I get into trouble

C. They are my support

D. We share the same objectives

8. What roles does romance play in your relationship?

A. It gives us the opportunities to have fun together

B. It is like a guiding beacon

C. It is the core of our relationship

D. It is just the beginning of a solid relationship

9. What is the love of your life for you?

A. Best buddy

B. The one who saved me

C. My soul mate

D. My perfect match

10. How are hidden secrets for you and your partner?

A. Surprising and amusing

B. Dangerous

C. They are kept just between the two of us

D. We have no secrets

11. What is the most important thing you have in common?

A. Sense of humor

B. Being adventurous

C. Attraction

D. Family values

12. What would you do if you found out your partner cheated on you?

A. I would make a prank to scare them in revenge

B. I don't even want to imagine

C. I would feel very hurt and not know what to do

D. I would discuss the issue with them seriously and see if we can save our marriage

13. What would you do for your dream vacation?

A. Extreme sports

B. Visit a country in the underdeveloped world

C. Go to a sunny island

D. Go to the same place where we go every year

14. What kind of wedding party do you prefer?

A. Themed

B. Retro

C. Intimate with family and close friends

D. Big wedding with hundreds of guests

15. What kind of dates do you prefer going on with your partner?

A. Going to a concert or event

B. Attending film festival or theater

C. A romantic dinner by the poolside

D. A coffee date at a nice restaurant

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