Wedding Vow Quiz- What Love Quote Is Best Suitable As Your Wedding Vow?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 129
Wedding Vow Quiz- What Love Quote Is Best Suitable As Your Wedding Vow?
The easiest way to create your personalized wedding vow is to take a favorite love quote and develop around it. Take this quiz and find the love quote for your wedding vow!

Questions Excerpt

1. What is the most important value in your life?

A. Peace

B. Altruism

C. Love

D. Living the moment

2. Is the wedding the most important moment in your life?

A. Yes, but I am sure other nice moments will come afterwards too

B. Every moment in my life carries the same importance

C. No, because it's just about two people

D. Absolutely, I've been dreaming about it for years

3. Where do you want to get married?

A. At church or at an ashram, depending on my beliefs

B. It doesn't matter that much

C. Outdoors in a splendid setting

D. In an unusual place, like a mountain top

4. Where did you meet?

A. At church or a spiritual meeting

B. At a volunteering job

C. By chance, on the street or some other place

D. We were introduced by common friends

5. What is your favorite activity together?

A. Praying or meditating

B. Supporting the community and helping others

C. Going out to romantic dinners

D. Dancing, partying, or going to social events

6. How do you manage arguments?

A. We stay calm and try to understand each other's needs

B. We focus on our feelings for each other to avoid saying bad things

C. We fight quite fiercely but get over it fast

D. We tease each other and laugh at it

7. What kind of wedding dress would you like to wear?

A. A very simple one or a vintage one

B. One that is borrowed or that I can donate afterwards

C. A princess-type dress

D. An atypical one – not the traditional white dress

8. Who would you like to invite to your wedding party?

A. Just family members

B. Just close friends and family and we'll donate money instead of organizing a big party

C. Everyone, even relatives we don't know very well

D. All our friends

9. How important is the religious ceremony for you?

A. Very important for spiritual reasons

B. It depends on what my partner thinks about it

C. It's a big part of the wedding and it should be perfect

D. Not that important

10. What are you planning to do in your honeymoon?

A. Travel to Asia and discover other cultures

B. Do some volunteering work if possible

C. Relax on the beach all day long

D. Try new experiences and maybe some extreme sports

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