Loneliness Quiz: What Type Of A Loner Are You?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 240 | Updated: Jul 28, 2022
Loneliness Quiz: What Type of A Loner Are You?

Loneliness is a difficult feeling to deal with. If you are wondering which type of loneliness personality you relate to, then this quiz will help you know. Many causes can make you feel lonely, and being social animals, we can’t be alone for a long time. It is also not a good defense strategy to not be close to people. You must have at least one person you can count on. Take this loneliness quiz to find out what type of a loner you are?

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel you are being burdened with responsibilities?

A. Yes, you do

B. No, you don’t

C. You are not sure

2. Are you missing something or someone in your life?

A. Yes, you are

B. No, you are not

C. You don’t know yet

3. Are you doing well at your job?

A. Not really

B. You don’t know

C. You are doing well

4. Have you stopped doing things that you used to love doing?

A. Yes, you have

B. No, you haven’t

C. You are not sure

5. Do you go on vacations whenever you can?

A. Yes, you do

B. No, you don’t

C. No, but you want to

6. Do you cook for yourself?

A. Yes, every day

B. No, you don’t

C. Most of the time

7. Do you meet your friends or family?

A. Sometimes

B. All the time

C. Rarely

8. Do you talk to people when you feel lonely?

A. Yes, you always do that

B. No, you don’t

C. Rarely

9. How do you react to changes in life?

A. You feel uncomfortable with change

B. You don’t mind a change

C. You feel change is unnecessary

10. Do you feel worried about his current state of mind?

A. Not really

B. Kind of

C. Slightly

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