Quiz For Men: Why Am I Lonely?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 59 | Updated: Apr 27, 2022
Quiz For Men: Why Am I Lonely?

In an era of fast internet connections and high social mobility, many men still find themselves lonely. They either lack support or have no partners to share their company with. 

Many men struggle with loneliness because they live alone or spend their time alone. Other men are also surrounded by people yet feel lonely. A lack of connection causes loneliness through relationships and partnerships. But the most important quest is to figure out why you’re always lonely. If you’re a man constantly wondering why you’re always lonely, the ‘Why am I lonely quiz‘ will give you the answers you desire. 

Men want to be loved and feel belonged.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you spend time indoors?

A. I’m mostly at my friend’s house

B. No, I usually go out alone

C. Yes, I stay at home and watch romantic movies

2. What plans do you have for Christmas?

A. I hope to meet someone cute

B. Spend time with family

C. Get drunk at a party

3. How do you feel you should spend your time?

A. I spend too much time alone

B. I spend too much time with my friends and their girlfriends

C. I should spend too much time with friends

4. Who would you rather see every day?

A. I’d love to gaze at my wife every single day

B. Seeing my parents often would be great

C. My friends at work

5. Do you envy other couples?

A. Yes, all the time

B. I don’t overthink about my love life

C. I’d rather put my house in order before finding love

6. Do you think you have friends?

A. I have a few

B. I have a lot

C. I have just one

7. Why would you love to share with someone?

A. I would love for someone to share their thoughts with me

B. I would love for people to share their love with me

C. I would love for my family to share their wonderful moments with me

8. What do you usually do when you ride the bus?

A. I admire married couples

B. I ride alone while listening to music

C. I admire families with kids

9. What are you mostly known for?

A. I’m known for shunning marriage ceremonies

B. I barely visit my folks

C. I’m always sitting on the fence during office football matches

10. Would you rather…

A. Watch movies alone

B. Not visit home for thanksgiving

C. Not get married

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