How Lonely Are You Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 213
How Lonely Are You Quiz
Have you ever experienced loneliness? If so, do you feel lonely often or do you think it's been a while since you have experienced it? Take this ‘How lonely are you quiz’ to find out. Whether you are introverted or extroverted, very social or not, anyone can feel lonely once in a while. Is your family small and tight-knit, or are they scattered around the country, living the family that you hardly see but maybe call on holidays. rnIf you want to know how lonely you are, this is the right place.

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you comfortable breaking the ice and striking up conversations when meeting new people?

A. Yesrn

B. It depends on my mood rn

C. No

2. What kind of feeling is it that every dusk gives you?

A. Despairrn

B. Helplessrn

C. Normal

3. Have you gotten any birthday greetings?

A. Yes, from my friendsrn

B. No, but I don’t care

C. Just once or twice

4. When you see something funny or inspirational on Facebook, do you often “like” it and share it with others?

A. Yes, share it with my besties!rn

B. Just like

C. I do not have social accounts

5. Will you ask for help if you are in big trouble?

A. Yes, if she/he is reliablern

B. I just rely on myself

C. Yes, one’s abilities are minimal. Thus it would be better

6. How often do you think about the past?

A. A lotrn

B. Rarely

C. Sometimes

7. Do you enjoy spending time alone?

A. Yes, because it does not happen a lotrn

B. Sometimes

C. Maybe

8. When you are at home alone, which of these activities do you enjoy doing the most?

A. Nothing or sleep

B. Play online games

C. Read comics, books

9. Which location would you most like to live in/at?

A. In a small and cute town

B. At the seaside

C. Downtown

10. Have you ever thought about never marrying?

A. Yes, I’ve thought about it, and probably I’ll stick with itrn

B. Never marrying? No way, marriage is one of the purposes of my lifern

C. Sometimes, but maybe it will happen someday

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