Which Season of Love Are You In Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 46
 Which Season of Love Are You In Quiz?

Here's a quiz: Which season of love are you in? When you think of the word "love," does it bring red hearts or roses to mind? Or perhaps all these items are associated with a different, more casual type of love? 

Our lives are defined by the seasons. Each year has a set or cycle of seasons that make up your life. And just as the weather changes with each season, so does love. 

Out of all the seasons, which one do you relate most to? Winter, spring, summer, or fall? This quick and easy personality test will help determine which season you fall into.

Questions Excerpt

1. Pick the one

A. Purple

B. Yellow

C. Black

2. So in your opinion, which of the following colors is associated with the concept of love?

A. Red

B. White

C. Pink

3. Is marriage the end of love or the beginning?

A. Depends on what you want it to be

B. It’ll be a beginning of love

C. Yes

4. Do you observe and know the priorities, habits, likes & dislikes of each-other?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. In general, no

5. When you are in a relationship, could you stay calm in situations when other is not?

A. Usually yes, I am a calm person

B. I have to say no because I have an angry nature

C. It depends

6. Is cheating considered a red flag in a relationship?

A. n most cases, yes

B. Betrayal directly destroys a relationship

C. I don't believe in monogamy so it's a normal thing for me

7. Let's say your family is against your relationship. Would you continue your relationship in this situation?

A. Family ties are important to me. As a result, I doubt I would have continued

B. The concept of family is important, but they must respect me as my partner

C. This is my life. Of course, I would not end my relationship for such a reason

8. So, what would you do if your partner's family didn't approve of your relationship?

A. If this occurs, my partner's attitude is critical. S/He needs to strike a balance between his/her family and me

B. Who cares? After all, it is my partner and me who will live this life. They are not

C. I try my best to warm up the relationship between us

9. Assume you and your partner have been married for quite some time. S/He came to you honestly one day and told you that s/he no longer has feelings for you and that s/he has feelings for another person, but that s/he cannot contact this person because of your marriage. In this situation, how would you react?

A. Thank him/her for being forthright. I'd probably get divorced without any issues

B. Cheating is a mental as well as a physical act. I would have divorced, but not without taking revenge

C. I would do anything to rekindle his/her feelings for me

10. In your opinion, are emotions more powerful than logic?

A. Sometimes

B. Yes

C. No, logic is more powerful

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