Which One Direction Member Will Look Like Your Valentines Date?

8 Questions | Total Attempts: 601
Which One Direction Member Will Look Like Your Valentines Date?
After X-factor UK, One Direction became a worldwide hit. Most girls are crazy for the band members. Do you also find them cute? Would you like to know which member of the band will your valentine date resemble. Take this quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you a One Direction fan?

A. Nope but I've heard their song.

B. A little but not that super fan.

C. Crazily like that group.

D. I don't know them.

2. What is your favorite 1D song?

A. Story of my life.

B. One thing.

C. What makes you beautiful.

D. Drag me down.

3. Have you been to any of their concert?

A. I live in Asia.

B. I've seen some concerts in TV.

C. I have their ticket but haven't gone to the concert.

D. Nope. I am not interested.

4. Do you think they are handsome?

A. Super gorgeous guys.

B. They're okay.

C. Not that totally handsome.

D. Funny but I haven't seen anyone of them.

5. If one of them will ask you for a date, will you say yes?

A. Absolutely no because I don't know them.

B. Well it's fine but I hate paparazzis.

C. Of course! I am not crazy to say no.

D. I'll think about it.

6. Where do you plan to date with any of them?

A. Backstage.

B. I guess in Beverly hills.

C. In one of Ireland's expensive restaurant.

D. Inside my bedroom.

7. Do you have any of their memorabilia?

A. I have a pillow with their faces.

B. I guess I have a t-shirt.

C. I have nothing from them.

D. CD's.

8. Who is your favorite member?

A. Liam Payne.

B. Zayn Malik.

C. Harry Styles.

D. Niall Horan.

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