Which Celeb Guy Should Be Your Valentine Date Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 185 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Which Celeb Guy Should Be Your Valentine Date Quiz?
If you get a chance to be on a date with a celebrity on Valentine's day, who should you take?Take this quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. There are many types of celebrity men, which one is your type?

A. The singer

B. The actor

C. The dancer

D. All of the above!

2. What hairstyles attracts you the most?

A. a bit long hair cut.

B. short straight casual.

C. one side.

D. up do.

3. Which part of face do you usually attracted?

A. Eyes

B. Nose

C. Lips

D. Cheeks

4. Anyway, What is his nationality? Where does he came from?

A. Thai

B. Korean

C. American

D. Filipino

5. If you were given a chance to kiss him, where would you kiss him?

A. This is my chance! i will kiss him on his lips

B. Maybe, I will ask him to kiss me in my cheeks

C. I will kiss him on his cheeks

D. Kiss?!!! OMG! all over his face!

6. What will you gonna give to him in Valentine’s day?

A. My specialty! Im talking about food.

B. My picture, so that he will not forget me.

C. A letter! That is sweet right?

D. Nothing, Because i don't know if he will like it.

7. Where will you suggest to go in your date?

A. Beach, so that he will see how hot I am!

B. Amusement park, So that everyone will see that i am dating a celebrity

C. In Mall and Theater, like what normal couple do in valentines day

D. In my house, I will cook him the best food i can make!

8. What kind of woman are you? Can you describe yourself in one word?

A. Simple

B. Beautiful

C. Mysterous

D. Elegant

9. What will you wear on your special day?( you must impress him)!

A. Long gown, so that i will look elegant.

B. Shirts and jean, I want to be comfortable.

C. A cute red or pink dress, just to be simple.

D. A sexy and daring outfit! I want to seduce him!

10. Pick a word that is connected in Valentines Day, This may be your lucky charm! Which one will you pick? Good Luck!

A. Love

B. Hearts

C. Passion

D. Emotion

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