The Ultimate Celeb Boyfriend Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 376
The Ultimate Celeb Boyfriend Quiz
Have you ever wished you were dating a celebrity? It is something very tempting and that’s because you would be able to enjoy his money, his fame, and his glamorous life. Some are lucky enough to have found their Hollywood prince charming. Now, if it was you, who would you pick? Take our quiz and find out who your celebrity boyfriend might be.

Questions Excerpt

1. If you were a rock star at what time would you go to bed?

A. 12 am every day.

B. 4 am every day.

C. 10 pm every day.

D. You don't know.

2. If you had a date with Brad Pitt, what would you wear?

A. Your sexiest red dress.

B. A white shirt, some jeans and a pair of Louboutin.

C. A floral dress and a nude lipstick.

D. A black outfit with Chanel shades.

3. How do you think celebrities ask women for a date?

A. They send their assistant to talk to you.

B. They gently come to you and ask you out.

C. They invite you for dinner.

D. They send you flowers.

4. What is the best gift a rich celebrity can offer you?

A. An expensive car.

B. Flowers.

C. Gold jewelry.

D. A plane ticket to join them.

5. How old should your celebrity crush be? 

A. In his twenties

B. In his thirties

C. In his forties

D. Age doesn't' really matter

6. How rich should your celebrity crush be?

A. He should have at least a million dollars of assets.

B. He should have at least 20 million dollars of assets.

C. He should have at least 100 million dollars of assets.

D. He should have at least 500K in the bank.

7. What should your celebrity crush do for a living?

A. He should be an actor/activist.

B. He should be a series actor.

C. He should be a musician.

D. He should be a dancer.

8. Where should your celeb crush reside?

A. In Los Angeles.

B. In New York.

C. In Alaska.

D. In London.

9. Which city is the true city of love for you?

A. New York because it's very chic.

B. Paris because it's a historical city.

C. Rome because of the food.

D. London because of the people.

10. What type of delicacy could work as an aphrodisiac for you?

A. Oysters

B. Caviar

C. Chicken wings

D. Chocolate

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