Where Will You Meet Your Spring Break Crush Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 14
Where Will You Meet Your Spring Break Crush Quiz
Have you ever thought about where you'll meet your spring break crush? Find out if your vacation hookup will fizzle or if it will heat up even more! You've bought a new swimsuit and packed your sunscreen; now, all you have to do is think of the perfect location to find that spring fling! Take our quiz to find out where you're most likely to come across them.

Questions Excerpt

1. What's your relationship status?

A. Taken

B. Single

C. Complicated

2. What is the most important personality trait in a partner?

A. Intelligance

B. Single Kindness

C. Good taste

3. How do you get the attention of your crush?

A. Nothing! I'm pretty sure no one likes me in that way

B. I'm more of a traditionalist, so I wait patiently until they ask me out

C. Run into them and ask them if they want to go to the date

4. What was the cause of your most recent breakup?

A. Let's just say we didn't work

B. They were so suffocating that I couldn't breathe

C. They cheated on me

5. What qualities should your ideal partner possess?

A. Good in bed

B. Understanding and supportive

C. Funny

6. What do you consider to be a good time?

A. Being lavished with attention from friends and family

B. I'm free to do whatever I want

C. Going out for a night on the town

7. In a relationship, how would you describe yourself?

A. I'm a sweet and nice person

B. I'm dependable and considerate

C. I'm straightforward and honest

8. Which of the following phrases best describes you in terms of dating and relationships?

A. We're in this for the long haul

B. Love 'em and let 'em go

C. Live on the edge

9. What activities would you include in your ideal date?

A. Dinner by candlelight

B. A stroll through the cool night air

C. A quiet evening at home with something homemade

10. Lastly, what are your thoughts on marriage?

A. I wish that someone would fall madly in love with me

B. It's absurd that people believe they can't live without marriage

C. In either case, I can be content

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