When to Call It Quits in a Relationship Quiz

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When to Call It Quits in a Relationship Quiz
Are you questioning the status of your relationship? Perhaps it has changed over time into something that you no longer recognize and doesn’t bring joy into your life anymore. So, when is the right time to end a relationship? How do you know? Take our quiz, “When to call it quits in a relationship?” to help you figure out if it is time for you to “call it quits” and move on from your partner and into your new life.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you are upset or have big emotions, what does your partner do?

A. My partner stays with me sometimes, or they leave the room

B. My partner gets angry when I’m upset; they yell until they leave

C. My partner holds and comforts me, and we try to resolve the issues

2. Do you give your partner space when they need to cool down?

A. No, I insist we talk it out

B. Yes, they need to process in the best way they can

C. I try to, but I want to resolve the issue

3. Do you want to stay in your relationship?

A. Yes, I love my partner and want to make it work

B. No, I don’t think I love them anymore, and we fight all the time

C. I think so, but my partner and I may need to talk about it more

4. Are you and your partner constantly having differing opinions about important issues?

A. Yes, we can never seem to see eye to eye

B. No, we tend to have similar opinions

C. We agree about 50% of the time

5. Do you go to bed angry?

A. Never, we talk it out before we go to bed

B. We tend to fight, go to bed, and then fight more when we wake up

C. It happens occasionally

6. How do you feel when you are with your partner?

A. I usually wish I wasn’t with them

B. I feel loved and supported

C. I feel okay, but sometimes I feel trapped

7. Do you have arguments in public?

A. Yes, we argue wherever we go

B. No, we argue amongst ourselves

C. We have but try not to

8. Does your partner listen to your concerns?

A. Sometimes, but other times I feel like they just talk over me

B. Yes, I feel heard in my relationship

C. No, they ignore me and undermine what I say when they do listen

9. Do you and your partner take time apart?

A. Yes, we don’t spend much time together

B. We take time apart when we need it

C. Sometimes, when it feels necessary

10. Do you and your partner talk through your problems?

A. Not really, but sometimes we will talk about what’s going on between us

B. Yes, we talk as issues arise and address them directly

C. No, we just keep our problems to ourselves

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