What Type of Love Relationship Best Fits You Quiz?

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10 Questions
 What Type of Love Relationship Best Fits You Quiz?

Love can bring out the best in us and can make us want to prepare for the future, but for others this is not the case. Some lovers want to plan for commitment and a long-term connection while others are just in it for the dating or fulfillment of their physical needs. Others prefer a very deep and emotional connection. Either way, there are many ways people can go about how they want their love relationship to be.

 What type of love relationship best fits you? Take this quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you describe your love relationship?

A. Loyal

B. Sensual

C. Intimate

2. What is your preferred destination for a honeymoon if you ever wanted one?

A. To a park or casual setting

B. To a fancy place

C. Just at home together

3. Are you the type to enjoy having a deep and intense connection with a partner?

A. Somewhat

B. No

C. Absolutely

4. Would you like your love relationship to be long-term?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Somewhat

5. Is dating the sole reason for you entering into a relationship?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Somewhat

6. Is commitment something you want to establish at the start of your relationship?

A. Absolutely

B. No

C. Somewhat

7. How long do you want to date a potential partner?

A. Not for long

B. The whole time

C. For a decent period

8. What is a love relationship all about?

A. Determination

B. Sexuality

C. Affection

9. What do you feel about marriage?

A. It is necessary

B. Unnecessary

C. I may consider it

10. What is your love relationship in the eyes of your partner?

A. Very committed

B. Satisfactory

C. Highly affectionate

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