What Race Am I Attracted To Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 2529 | Updated: Apr 04, 2022
What Race Am I Attracted to Quiz
Here is what race am I attracted to quiz! An individual's cultural background is determined by his or her race. A race's physical and social characteristics distinguish it. Each race has unique characteristics that set it apart from others. The attraction to a specific race describes your mentality and outlook. Do you know which race appeals to you the most? To learn more, take this fun 'What Race Am I Attracted To Quiz' to find out:

Questions Excerpt

1. How interested are you in daring expeditions?

A. Genuinely a lot

B. Not much

C. It depends on my mood

D. Does not matter

2. What is your favorite subject to study?

A. Politics

B. Geography

C. History

D. None of the above

3. What should a person do to entice you to fall in love with them?

A. I like cold-hearted people. It makes me want to go after them even more

B. Be adorable and cute, and if you're squishy and adorable, I'm all yours

C. For some unknown reason, and believe me, I have no idea why, I tend to pursue moody people who treat me well one moment and then offend me the next

D. I will love whoever fate has chosen for me. I'm confident it will simply click with my other half

4. What length and style of hair do you prefer?

A. Long curly hair

B. Short straight hair

C. Long straight hair

D. Short curly hair

5. Which cultural ethnicity are you drawn to?

A. White

B. Black

C. Brown

D. Others

6. Which of the following climates is your favorite?

A. Hot and sultry

B. Cold and rough

C. Autumn or spring is the best

D. Exotic and moist

7. Your ideal partner must be...

A. Be dominant and possessive, strong and passionate

B. Someone who enjoys books and is brilliant and clever

C. Someone very special, for which anyone would envy me

D. Someone who provides me with security

8. What do you enjoy doing for fun?

A. Reading

B. Travelling

C. Hiking

D. Climbing

9. Which of the following traits best describes you?

A. Friendly and good-natured

B. Introvert

C. Complicated

D. Crazy and wild

10. Which of these foods is your favorite?

A. Spaghetti

B. Pizza

C. Donuts

D. Fish and seafood

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