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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 916 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
How Attracted Are You to Your Spouse Quiz
Losing physical attraction after some time in the relationship is a normal turn of events for most couples. You may know that things are not like before, yet wonder how attracted you are to your spouse? As there are two sides to each partnership, you may be the one who lacks sexual desire and drags the relationship into a vicious cycle. So, you may want to know the signs you are no longer attracted to your spouse and how to mend things. Take this quiz and learn more about the subject.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you try to look good for them?

A. Yes, I want to look sexy for them.

B. Sometimes, but I do not have the same enthusiasm as before.

C. No, I rarely care how I look in front of my partner.

2. Do you catch yourself looking at your spouse when they are naked?

A. Yes

B. Rarely

C. Not anymore

3. Do you have the urge to touch, kiss them, or make love spontaneously?

A. Yes, I seek physical contact all the time.

B. I may touch or kiss them more often, yet we rarely have sex.

C. No, I seem to avoid physical contact with them most of the time.

4. How do you feel while you have sex?

A. I experience an enormous amount of pleasure and feel very good.

B. I feel okay, even though I do not feel as much pleasure as before.

C. I feel almost no pleasure, so I sometimes want to get it over with.

5. Do you avoid going to bed with your spouse?

A. No, I cannot wait to get there with them.

B. I am not avoiding it, yet we rarely go to sleep simultaneously.

C. Yes, I go to sleep at a different time or spend the night elsewhere.

6. Do you feel like you are snapping at your spouse for no reason?

A. No

B. Rarely

C. Yes

7. Do you catch yourself intensely looking at other people, or are you going out with someone new?

A. I notice other people’s attractiveness, yet I only want to be with my spouse.

B. I may look at other people for a bit longer, yet I would not go out with anyone.

C. I look at others frequently and have the urge to see new people.

8. Do you want to spend time with your partner?

A. Yes, I do my best to make more time for them.

B. I do not mind, yet I feel like we are way too used to each other.

C. Not really. I want to avoid interacting with them as much as possible.

9. Do you feel understood, seen, and heard with your partner?

A. Absolutely, they get me as no one else does.

B. Most of the time, yet they may get a bit distant at times.

C. Not really. I usually feel as if I am standing in front of a wall.

10. Do you like your spouse’s physical appearance?

A. Yes, they make sure they look good even after all this time.

B. Mostly yes, although they have changed a lot since we first met.

C. Not really. They just do not make an effort to look good anymore.

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