What Is Your Dream Wedding Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 222 | Updated: Mar 31, 2022
 What Is Your Dream Wedding Quiz?
Weddings are beautiful, traditional, sacred, and important. The unification of man and woman in a marriage can be the most uplifting thing in your adult life. With weddings comes preparation, time, and drafting, however. And how impactful your wedding day shall be. Discussing and figuring out what fashion your wedding will be can also be somewhat of a challenge. Traditional weddings are the most common, but retro or more woodsy-based weddings are also of choice, with many more styles to create. What is your dream wedding? Take this quiz to discover your style.

Questions Excerpt

1. What group of colors do you like the most?

A. White, yellow, blue

B. White, red, orange, green

C. White, brown, green

2. Does the thought of a more wilderness-based wedding attract you?

A. Maybe

B. No

C. Absolutely

3. What does your wedding dress look like?

A. A traditional, classic dress

B. A retro inspired dress

C. A slightly rugged, yet natural and feminine dress

4. What kind of church would you like to be married in?

A. The church on my road

B. An old church

C. A small church, or a cabin

5. What does your groom's outfit look like?

A. A simple, traditional groom look

B. A classic vintage look

C. A rugged outfit, or possibly hunting gear

6. Do you like traditional styled weddings?

A. Of course

B. Not really

C. Somewhat

7. Would you rather style your wedding as a retro and old-fashioned wedding?

A. Maybe

B. Of course

C. No

8. What would you like your bridesmaids to wear?

A. Basic and soft dresses

B. Retro dresses with classical accessories

C. Very natural and woodsy dresses

9. What is your favorite aesthetic below?

A. Soft, bright, traditional, classic, timeless

B. Vintage, classical, retro, music

C. Trees, wildlife, cabins, greenery

10. What does your hair and makeup look like?

A. A very simple lip shade and classic eye makeup, with an easy yet timeless updo

B. A classic red lip with bold eyebrows and mascara; a high elegant retro updo

C. A naturally down hairstyle with no makeup

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