What Wedding Ring Should I Get Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 35
 What Wedding Ring Should I Get Quiz?

You've come to the right place if you're looking for ideas for your dream engagement ring! And if you're thinking about proposing to your significant other or are about to choose one, this quiz will help you figure out her preferences! 

Another option is to take this 'What Wedding Ring Should I Get Quiz' to yourself while remembering your own preferences! Are you willing to meet "the one?"

Questions Excerpt

1. Saturday morning has arrived! What do you have planned for the day?

A. It all depends on what my other half is up to!

B. I'm planning some home improvement projects

C. A little online shopping, then some in-person shopping!

2. Select your ideal hen party!

A. A spa weekend to unwind

B. Something active, such as a hike or a boat ride

C. A tea party and a craft workshop

3. Which of the following is on your travel wish list?

A. Antarctica

B. The Maldives

C. Denmark

4. Which clothing brand would you choose if you could only wear one for the rest of your life?

A. Zara

B. Is vintage considered?

C. Gucci

5. "My ideal wedding is..."

A. A massive, all-out party

B. Vintage-inspired and absolutely stunning

C. Relaxed, rustic, and cool

6. What is your go-to color palette for your wardrobe?

A. Pastel colors are delicate

B. I don't have a favorite color

C. Neutrals, greys, and other similar colors

7. Which of the following phrases best describes you?

A. Strange and fantastic

B. Laugh out loud funny

C. A big softie

8. Your Pinterest board is brimming with...

A. Dream vacations to faraway places

B. Recipes for quick weeknight meals

C. An upcycling of vintage furniture

9. What was the most recent thing you shared on social media?

A. A pretty landscape from my most recent vacation

B. A motivational quote

C. A hilarious photograph of my pet, child, or partner

10. Choose the best bachelorette party for you!

A. Tea party done right

B. A fun night out at one of my favorite spots

C. Fantastic vacation destination

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