What is your couple personality?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 928
What is your couple personality?
There is no couple like other – some people prefer watching movies on the couch, while others go hiking or do bungee jumping together. What type of personality defines you and your partner? Take this quiz to find out! Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Where did you and your partner meet?

A. At a festival

B. At a classical music concert

C. At the gym

D. At work or at a conference

2. How often are you intimate?

A. Every day

B. Every couple of days

C. Twice a week

D. Once a week or less

3. What is your favorite activity together?

A. Running

B. Talking about work or business

C. Partying

D. Watching the sunset

4. What is the most important component of your relationship?

A. Fun and weirdness

B. Love and physical intimacy

C. Vitality and movement

D. Work

5. What is your social group?

A. A dozen of crazy friends

B. Another loving couple

C. People at sporting events

D. Work colleagues

6. Do you disagree often?

A. All the time but it doesn't really matter

B. Sometimes but we can't go to sleep without reconnecting

C. We don't do it because it is not healthy

D. Sometimes

7. What would you do if this was your last day together?

A. We would do a parachute jump together

B. We would hug all the time and not let go

C. We would go hiking or admire nature

D. We would talk through our common projects and take stock of our relationship

8. Where would you go for your perfect vacation together?

A. Zimbabwe

B. Paris

C. South America

D. New York

9. Do you do everything together?

A. Only when we feel like

B. Yes, absolutely

C. Almost, and it comes naturally

D. Not really, we are pretty independent

10. What is your favorite thing about your partner?

A. Their spontaneity

B. Being so romantic

C. Being in great shape

D. Their brain

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